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  1. TSB 15-046 Mode 2 fix— how much mpg loss did you actually experience?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Can those who had the Mode 2 fix applied let me know how much mpg loss you experienced after the fix? I know Honda says 0.7 mpg loss but want to know if this is accurate or if you experienced more than that?
  2. '06 loss

    Shopping & Test Driving
    lost my '06 crv today in a crash. thing was immaculate condition. garage kept, original owner (till my ownership in aug 2018), dealer maintained. zero rust, all honda replacement parts, service history. everything! no rips tears stains, NOTHING! drove straight and centered. really upset...
  3. (2015) Loss of Power and Flashing CEL

    Problems & Issues
    I was driving my 2015 EX-L (89,000 miles) back from Thanksgiving with my parents and have to go through some mountainous areas. I noticed on one highway stretch what felt like slipping (traction) that went away after a few seconds. It happened again about 20 minutes later, but then stopped...
  4. 2010 CR-V EL XM Signal Loss

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hi guys. I bought my 2010 cr-v El back in July. It came with the Navigation radio and the 6 cd changer along with the standard 90 days Sirius XM radio. I added the car radio to my existing Sirius account. Not too long after doing this, I can no longer get a signal. I called Sirius and they...
  5. 2002 2.0 Manual, loss of power, EML + 25 fault codes, genuine or a con?

    Problems & Issues
    Edit: Just noticed at the top of the screen of the diagnostic code list it states "2002 Honda CRV B20Z1", which is wrong, it's a Gen 2 with a K20A4 engine (or A1, but I think A4 was standard in UK CRV) So maybe that explains the weird codes. Perhaps it interpreted the data from the ECU...
  6. Possible total loss

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    So on the king of Prussia area of the PA Turnpike, a deer decided to jump the median and I was driving on the left side. Hit the deer mid air. My 17 EXL didn’t stand a chance. Luckily my family and I were all ok Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Loss of 12v signal to Throttle Position sensor

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Hello. I am testing the wiring at my TPS and finding I do not have power coming to my red/black wire. I am getting the 5V reference and have good ground. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or point me to the source of the 12v power? I'm pretty sure it will be at the PCM but which pin?
  8. 1998 Honda CR-V Coolant/water loss

    Problems & Issues
    Help. My 98 crv is going through about 1/2 gallon of water a week give or take. I have seen some water under the car but other days none at all. On about 3 or 4 occasions in the last week I have seen steam come out the hood for about 2 seconds then stop. Thinking that might be spill from...
  9. Loss of power to radio/nav 2014 CRV ex L

    Mobile Electronics
    Bought this car used 53,000 on the clock. It is not my daily driver but is driven approx. 5 to 6 days a week for short errands. Car has been flawless except recently I have had 2 issues with the electronics in the nav system. Listening to XM Nav showing map screen no destination programed. Radio...
  10. 2017 1.5 LX (Canada) - Power Loss and Rough Idle

    Problems & Issues
    My wife was driving home yesterday and noticed a sudden drop in power on a flat road doing about 50 km/h. When she got home, I had a look and immediately heard a strange exhaust note like a "put put put put" sound whereas I can't remember ever hearing anything. I am the one that clears the...
  11. Honda CRV 2016 loss of stability

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Good evening everyone, I am writing to you because I have a Honda CRV 2016, model CR V EXL 4X4 CVT 2.4 and over 100 km/h it starts to lose stability, 110 km/h and over it feels super unstable and insecure. I have had several cars, all in the full version of the model (Nissan qashqai 2013...
  12. 2003: Total loss of acceleration in cruise AND at 70 mph after turning it off

    Problems & Issues
    2003 AWD EX 4AT 170K miles Greetings from the frozen white wasteland formerly known as West Virginia. This has me mystified: On the highway, using cruise control, set at about 74 mph, I had a sudden and complete loss of gas pedal response when trying to go over 74 mph. I pulled onto the...
  13. Hona CR-v 2006 2.2 CDTI limp mode, loss of power

    Diesel CR-V
    My Honda has started to sometimes loose power when driving and the VSA light and triangle light comes on. It won't react to the gas pedal and I have to turn off the engine and turn it on again for the car to work. It was low on oil but I have refilled it and today it happened again. I have been...
  14. Honda CRV 2.2 CDTI loss of power

    Diesel CR-V
    My 2006 Honda 2.2 CDTI has lost its power, There is no warning/fault light illuminated on the dash, but its like its gone in to limp mode. I have researched the issue and found that it could be a blocked DPF... would there be any other reasons that this could be happening if it turns out not to...
  15. Loss of Power after Curve

    Problems & Issues
    My manual transmission 2003 CR-V EX has been intermittently losing all power after I go around curves. I put the clutch in, turn the key off, restart and it's fine, but only until another curve. As there are 6 curves on the way to work, this is a problem. I've been trying to determine if it...
  16. Loss Power / Annoying sound for a Gas Engine just for uphill or overtaking uphill

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hi Experts.. Need some of your options and suggestion..* I have a Honda CR-V 2002 4x2 A/T* Problem: everytime I go uphill or loaded or not loaded the car seems to now sound the way it should be and I can feel that it has a loss of power overtaking uphill. And the sound is not like a sound of...
  17. 2016 CRV complete loss of acceleration once a day

    Problems & Issues
    I read of those issues on the 2014, this just started happening on my 2016 at 2600 miles. It seems random, often after I come from a stop but not always. I push the accelerator, nothing happens (I don't left foot brake, and it doesn't always happen after I hit the brakes), the MPG bar goes up...
  18. 2014 CRV EXL 2WD - loss of acceleration on uturn

    Problems & Issues
    We just bought a used 2014 CRV EXL with FWD last week. About 25,500 miles, so it is still under factory warranty. Today, my husband and I went for a ride in our new baby. We passed a driveway we needed to enter and had to make a uturn a little ways down the road to get back to it. While...
  19. Radiator replaced, now have engine power loss and flashing engine light

    Problems & Issues
    I live on an island and own a 1999 CRV with 120K miles on it. Just had a new radiator put on and now the car is intermittently sluggish but more so when going up hills. The engine light flashes when the car bogs down (mostly when on hills) but stops flashing when driving on flat areas but...
  20. Catastrophic fluid loss - power steering

    Maintenance and Service
    My 2002 CR-V has just shed a load of fluid over the front right tyre (and the road outside my house) just as I was pulling into my drive. Power steering seemed to disappear pretty much completely. Is this likely to have been the power steering that's gone? Can I drive it as far as my mechanic (a...