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low mileage

  1. CRV 2014 Really bad MPG

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, i just purchased a CRV 2014 ex AWD, on jan 1 2014. i have only driven it 400 miles 80% locally. i am getting only 160 miles to the tank (15 gal). Now i know its a new car and the weather in NYC has been around an average of 30 degrees for the last month, including days which...
  2. 1996 CRV bad gas tank cap?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys. ive been getting low mileage for the longest while.. even with conservative driving with a 70%hway 30% city driving split... im only managing to get around 18 mpg (imperial gallon.. which is larger thank the us gallon). anyways... i have this constant lingering gasoline smell around...