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  1. Anyone running a Gen2 on LPG?

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Anyone running on LPG on here? Going to convert mine and have a couple of questions before I start. What size tank did you get in the boot? Are the gas jets fitted into the aluminium manifold or the plastic section? I'm going to buy a spare one to drill and tap off the car. Have you had a...
  2. LPG Conversion?

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hello, I've recently bought a 2004 CR-V and am delighted with it. I have been thinking of getting an LPG conversion done on it. I read in one post here that it can ruin the valves. Does anyone have any long term experience of using a CR-V converted to LPG? According to some of the LPG conversion...
  3. 20 MPG on LPG

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Just thought I'd confuse things a little by telling you that I get average 20 MPG in my 2004 V. It is converted to run on LPG as well as Petrol. This equates to around 40MPG at petrol prices. The problem is that LPG only give around 80% of the MPG that petrol does. On Petrol I only get about...
  4. CRV on LPG

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, this is my first posting on the forum. I'm in Scotland running a 2004 CRV Petrol/LPG hybrid. I bough the car 2 months ago for two reasons, it's a Honda and it runs on LPG, very cheap here (47p a litre = about 92c) Petrol is currently about £1.05 or $2.06 a litre. My question is: my...
  5. lpg gas feedbacks

    Dear Honda:
    I tow a caravn Could any one has had a gas conversion please tell me if there is any greate loss in performance . Also what is the cost effect
  6. converting from petrol to LPG (uk)?

    Dear Honda:
    Hi all, i have been obtaining quotes to convert my 2002 CRV Sport 2.0ltr, my problem is i have been told the vehicle is not suitable due to having soft valve seats, is this true?, Does Honda sell a part to combat this?, i really need to get the conversion done as the fuel bill is killing me...