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  1. '03 rear brake sticking, opinions on lube

    Maintenance and Service
    '03 rear brake to fix? So the rear brakes on my '03 (right around 100k miles) appear to be sticking. I've read all the other threads and just want some clarification on what type of lube to use where. I'm planning on using Sil-Glyde for the pin sliders and then using Permatex...
  2. Caliper guide pin lube?

    Maintenance and Service
    What lube do you use on your caliper guide pins?
  3. Rear end lube replacement?

    Maintenance and Service
    Rear diff lube problems! Hi this is only my 2nd post so not sure how in depth this diff problem has been studied. I plan on buying an 06 with 47,798 miles on it. I have owned a 91 Acura Legend for about 5 years now, and winter of 07-08 I swapped the automatic tranny and dif to a 6 speed manual...
  4. 2005 CRV- brake guide lube

    Problems & Issues
    The local Honda dealer doesn't have the M-77 brake guide lube. What is it? Is it Lithium white grease? Has anyone tried anti-seize compound like Never Seize?
  5. Dual Pump lube change question

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi; This looks like the appropriate board to post this query. I read many posts relating to the dual pump differential fluid. I failed to notice any that advised pro or con as to just changing the oil to the new formula right away. My 2008 V has 1000Km on it and I wondered about doing the...