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  1. 2002 CR-V M/T cabin fuse box interchangeable from an AT?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I'm hoping somebody here can help me out. I have a 2002 Honda CR-V, Manual Transmission, that needs a new cabin fuse box. I was told by two different parties, both considering themselves to be knowledgeable with Honda parts, two different things. I was told I could use the fuse box from any...
  2. crv 2000 transfer assembly M/T

    Problems & Issues
    Hi! I have a problem with my Crv's transfer assembly. It's where the propeller connects from the tranny. Do you guys have an idea where i could find this part, i prefer a surplus part coz a brand new part is really pricey! Thanks
  3. Gen1 M/T Floor Mats - found new source

    I recently bought my neighbors 2001 CRV. It cleaned up nicely, but the mats were shot. I came to realize that the M/T versions were no longer available. But I had a bit of good luck and wanted to share the information. In conversations with San Leandro Honda, it seems that the EX models...
  4. Parking/Emergency Brake Adjustment on M/T

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi there, I am looking for the method to adjust the parking/emergency brake on a 2002 CR-V. The brake doesn't seem to hold as good as it should, even with the handle pulled all the way out. This would be for a manual transmission. Thanks in advance! CT :)
  5. How To Change Gear Knob (m/t)

    Can anybody help me to remove my gear knob my V is 2003 model.