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  1. Maintaining 2014 CR-V

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello Everyone :) I just got my 2014 CR-V EX a week ago I love the car!!! I know its little early to ask but i still want to hear from owners At what mileage will oil need to be changed? Also some maintenance tips would be good because its my first leased car I also own 2004 civic :)
  2. Maintaining my 08 CRV?!?!?!

    Maintenance and Service
    So here it is, possibly one of the stupidest questions you'll encounter here. I bought my v in May this year and as we're expecting our first child we only get a chance to drive it to the hospital or shopping. There's only 2,000 km on the clock and it's been over 5 months. We had a free oil...