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  1. Proposed Maintence Intravals

    Maintenance and Service
    Since purchasing our 2019 Touring in Dec 2018 our current mileage is approximately 3K. To keep our 2019 in tip top shape, including engine, wipers, tire service, all air filters, etc. we proposals 6 month maintenance intervals. Tire replacement will be based on wear and issues. We used this...
  2. Honda CRV 2005 Exec Petrol New owner

    CR-V Owners in Europe
    Mileage 89500 What oil to use and where can i buy this from? Maintained tips? Thanks in advance
  3. B16 maintence light returns after diff fluid replacement

    Problems & Issues
    A few days ago I took my 2016 CRV AWD to the dealer for B16 service, as apparently they require the first change at 15k and then every 30k thereafter. The light actually came on when I was around 14,500. The maintenance info showed oil life at 50%, a 1 for tire rotation, and the 6 for the awd...
  4. 2015 Easy Maintence?

    Maintenance and Service
    My mother bought a cr-v after talking her into it. I think it the LX. But anyway I noticed in the Handbook it does not tell you when to change oil but you should change it when the oil life gets low in the car. Also can i change the spark plugs? Or will i have to have the dealer change them when...
  5. Maintence required light, the code is 81-1

    Problems & Issues
    I have an 05 CRV and my light came on so I had Advanced Auto check it and was told it is an ABS malfunction 81-1 code, a google search showed this to be an expensive sensor. I am not going to deal with a dealership and will prefer to buy a used part off ebay or a salvage yard, has anyone here...
  6. 100,000 mile maintence?

    Maintenance and Service
    I couldnt find any info on this. I know theres no timing belt. Does the water pump need to be replaced? what needs to be done around this ammount of miles assuming I have kept up with oil changes, tire rotations, air filter, cabin filter, transmission fluid (or transfer case fluid?), and coolent...