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  1. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello everyone. im joe (jcboy) from Manila, Philippines (asia). i own a 3rd gen and i usually do my mods myself, even though labor is pretty cheap here (if you have stuff installed at the shop where you purchased the item). that's why i probably would ask questions every now and then...
  2. Asia & Pacific Owners
    Mga paps! sino dito mga taga manila? Tara mini EB na! :D
  3. Asia & Pacific Owners
    hi everyone, Am new in the club based in Manila, Philippines. Just acquired a 1998 crv and am currently looking for a front euro bumper. been trying to look around but cant seem to find one.. Help please!!!
  4. Asia & Pacific Owners
    Hello everyone.. Im a newbie from Manila.. Im looking forward to learn more technical know-how about my CR-V. And also, Im glad to see some of my kababayans here.. Looking forward to meet you guys soon.. Cheers! :D Oh btw, I drive an 03' Gen2 2WD.
  5. Greetings & Introductions
    hi all! i actually don't own a cr-v yet. i'm selling one of my current rides to fund the cr-v purchase. i'm shooting for a green gen 1 and i hope to have it within the next 30 days. i'm looking forward to learning more about this coming ride from you guys! cheers!
  6. Image & Video Gallery
    Just got this 2001 CRV. Mods: Solarguard medium tint Chrome door handle and side mirror cover Back mirror Painted caliper with silver red rest..bone stock! sorry for the bad quality of pix...just used camphone!