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  1. Update on potential V in Mass. Is this rust ok?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Guys! I posted a little while ago with questions about buying a car in Mass. I am planning on going this weekend to get it since the Carfax looks amazing on it. now I asked the dealer for pictures and they have me a bit concerned since I do like to work on my own cars. Do these pictures look...
  2. Mass Airflow Sensor Location?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi. Seeking assistance in finding the mass airflow sensor on my 2006 crv. In my past experience it is usually in the air tube housing just ahead of the air box, however this time I'm scratching my head as I can"t find it. Its not on the throttle body either as I though Honda may have put it...
  3. Mass is flunking aftermarket HID's

    At state inspection time. New crackdown, my HIDs have passed for ten years. The kicker, you can't just disconnect them, everything related to aftermarket lights must be removed from the vehicle before it can pass. OEM HIDs are immune from this new rule.
  4. Failed Emmissions Test

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there I own a 2007 Honda CRV - the check engine light has been on a while - it has now failed the emissions test for the state of Massachusetts. I was told that Honda's warranty cover emissions problems for and extended period (say 5 years or 50,000 miles). Does anyone know about this...
  5. 2nd Gen Accessories Mass Order

    So, I'm thinking of getting a couple things off Ebay, amazon, etc for my 02, and I am at a crossroad, the idea is Grills! 2 different kinds, one is billet, and only $60 (which is on sale, that's why i need to decide quickly) and the other is a Mercedes Style Grill. (and $125) The billet is...
  6. Crv's in Mass

    Northeast Owners
    anyone with crv's in massachusettes around the shrewsbury or worscter area wanna hang for a day get out and drive lemme know it will be mad fun and well see eachothers crv's lemme know thanks,
  7. Honda issues mass car recall in US [1.18.7]

    Other Cars, Trucks & Bikes
    Click here to read the entire story.