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  1. Greetings & Introductions
    Granddaughter, 2002 Honda CRV. Grandfather, me, Looking for any and all help to get her first car back on the road after a month of road time. I claim to be a shade-tree mechanic since my High school days....uh 1975. my Son, USAF, returned back to USA, Georgia 2018. Bought 2002 Honda CRV...
  2. Greetings & Introductions
    2017 crv ex white with ivory cloth interior Interior: Led interior lighting Black weather mats Black weather cargo mat Kick mats so the kids don’t kill the ivory with they’re feet Car seat pads for the 2 kiddos Chico keyfit 2 for the 2 month old princess Chico next fit convertible for the 3...
  3. Media News & Reviews
    Read more about the Meet Honda’s New Civic Type R Racecar at
  4. Eastern & Central Canada Owners
    Anyone interested in this? I was going to try to organize a southern Ontario meet for us Canadians, but I figure I'd throw it out there for everyone to post on... If you're interested: post up your closest major city, and let's see how many of us are local to one another. Figure out a central...
  5. West Coast & Hawaii Owners
    ok every one lets start a meet for all hond lovers i will b posting on facebook honda tec to start this off so if you wont to join hit me up face book me at look up alfred vega you will c a forest green gsr talk to you soon
  6. Northeast Owners
    Its around that time of the year again guys!!! Me and Shaun are doing the meet again at Palisades Interstate Park Commission. We want all the Accord's, Prelude's, and CRV's to come out, it has to be even bigger than last year. Hopefully the weather is going to be nice by then and TSA knows how...
  7. Northeast Owners
    Come out Represent for CRVz today today today. Bigass meet you can miss it
  8. Southeast, Mid-South, & Gulf Coast Owners
    i was wondering if any one would wanna have a meet in the near future im form marietta an atlanta meet would be awsome
  9. West Coast & Hawaii Owners
    hello there every one just triying to start a meet to get this crv thing going even stronger so if your game hit me up at 909 772 2459 alfred hope to heat from you all
  10. Texas, Rocky Mountain, & Southwest Owners
    I'm located in Austin and I'm willing to travel. I think Austin would be a good central point from Houston, Dallas, San antonio if people actually wanted to have a meet. I have 4 first gen crvs including myself, that would love to join. Just trying to see if there is any Texas peeps that would...
  11. Texas, Rocky Mountain, & Southwest Owners
    Okay everyone, Let's get a head count here AND put up a general area location (for example, Austin, Houston, Galveston, etc.) to vote on. We'll determine a date and time to meet while we're at it. Stephanie
  12. Western Canada & Alaska Owners
    Well, there are tons of V's in the Vancouver area, but I can't seem to find any local club. Anyone interested in a mini meet? :)
  13. Midwest & Heartland Owners
    I live in St. Louis and have been thinking about trying to organize a meet right here in the middle of the country for this summer. I'm happy to help plan and get this thing going, but I'd rather not be the one "in charge." any interest for a mid-summer St. Louis meet? - See the Arch - Forest...
  14. West Coast & Hawaii Owners
    For the third year in a row, I decided to do it again :D. Once again, I have been asked to plan a meet for our So Cal Chapter. Like last year, I would like to invite our So Cal brothers and sisters of the CR-VOC to join us. For the last two years, we have had our Spring Meet at the Wally...
  15. Asia & Pacific Owners
    I get into CR-V in Japan. I examine it in reference to a net when I want to make it Europe-like CR-V. Because I look in a translation site, I may not understand words well, but please teach in various ways!
1-15 of 43 Results