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  1. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    There have been a few comments about the newer member useage; that many newer members are not logging on to see what answers that we have given them in their threads. I joined a Chevy Truck forum and started a thread about a problem my mom had with her suburban. 24 hours later I resived an...
  2. Midwest & Heartland Owners
    Just trying to find out how many Minnesota members there are If we can get 12 or so we could set up a meet and greet. lets see how many we get first.. Take care and Enjoy your CR-V Minneapolis.....
  3. Greetings & Introductions
    Congratulations T-Mac! The CRV-OC has more than 7,000 members! Welcome to all the new members and thanks joining the CRV-OC! When I joined in June of 2007 there were about 1800 members. Pretty phenomenol growth for 19 months! Again welcome all new members, we will look forward to...
  4. Accessories
    Hi everybody, This thread is for all of you that I know would really like to have your CR-V 07+ mirrors with Auto Fold, LED signal and heated features. Features Honda offer only in Europe and Asia. Auto Fold, heated, LED signal mirror dead eabay link removed Manual fold, heated, LED signal...
  5. Website & Platform Help
    Congrats goes out to cbh03 being our 5,000th member of our great, growing CR-V online community. I'm sending out a prize to cbh03. Speaking of prizes, I have more to give away and I'll randomly be posting some quiz questions on the forum over the next couple of weeks. If you see the question...
  6. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Congratulations T-Mac and CRV-OC. We just passed 5000 members! Threads: 3,569, Posts: 22,643, Members: 5,001 Welcome to our newest member, PNGJohn I missed who was #5000, so Welcome PNGJohn our 5001st member! At 27,002 members in the EOC, we are only 22,001 members behind...
  7. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Congratulations T Mac, you now have 3000 members in the CR-V/OC. Netcelt is our 3,000th member. When I joined in June of 2007, we had about 1700 members so we have gained 1300 members in 7 months. Impressive growth.
  8. Southeast, Mid-South, & Gulf Coast Owners
    Trying to see how many, if there are any other Orlando members.. Met one person so far from another site that joined this site as well. We were maybe thinking of setting up a meet somewhere to show off the V's... just a thought....
  9. Midwest & Heartland Owners
    I would like to get a running list of Chicagoland CR-V owners. I would like to set up a meet in the near future.
21-29 of 30 Results