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  1. 2018 Memorial Day Deals on TIRES & WHEELS!

    Discount Tire
    2018 Memorial Day Deals on tires and wheels has been extended at Discount Tire Direct thru May 31st, 2018!!! If you're in the market for tires or wheels, now's a GREAT time to pull the trigger! TO YOUR DOOR (5/23 - 5/31) Memorial Day Deals | Discount Tire Direct
  2. Memorial Day Incentives/Rebates/Low APR on new CR-Vs?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I'm a potential first time buyer of a new 2008 CR-V living in the Northern Virginia area. I am interested in an EX-L (no NAV) and I've already gotten an offer for $25,522 (excluding taxes, tags, fees, etc.). I'm thinking about heading in to a dealership at the end of this month to start...