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  1. Text message feature setup

    Problems & Issues
    This feature is grayed out. The car is in park and my HTC Inspire 4G is compatible. Why won't this feature work?
  2. over fueling error message

    Problems & Issues
    Just had cam belt replaced after it broke, before that I changed fuel filter, dizzy cap, coil and plugs. now the garage said the engine management light has come on with over fueling warning, it's a 2001 CR-V Petrol. they are unsure of this as everything is set up correct. I have used this...
  3. Text Message Support and iOS 7

    Problems & Issues
    Not sure if anyone else was having this problem, so I thought I would post just in case. After updating to iOS 7 on my iPhone (I went through all of the betas), my CR-V would not notify me of new text messages or read them to me. I just came across something while searching, and found the...
  4. Error message on 2013 satnav/radio

    Problems & Issues
    I get a disc error on the satnav/radio all the time. The dealer ran a dvd cleaning disc through and fixed it for a few weeks but now its back. none of the controls work apart from the radio controls. I have bought a cleaning disc but it hasn't worked. Can anyone help?
  5. "Your IP address has been banned by the administrator" message

    Website & Platform Help
    I can log into this web site fine from work. However, when I try from home I get the message in the Title. I'm on Charter cable, so this web site sees an address from Charter's network space. Does anyone know how to correct this? Ray :confused:
  6. Sat nav displaying "ERROR" message!!!

    Mobile Electronics
    I have seen a few people have had this problem with their sat nav units but havent been able to find a cure other than paying honda a stupid amount of money to have the unit sent away for repair. I have a 2005 crv with the factory cd player with integrated sat nav that I believe is made by...
  7. CHECK FUEL CAP Message

    Problems & Issues
    I got into my 2008 CR-V after work on Friday, started it up, and immediately noticed the message flashing across the information display "Check Fuel Cap". It's only 3 months old, and I have 3000 miles on it. I know this means that the vehicle senses a leak in the system somewhere, possibly...