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  1. Odd sound from engine, metal grinding, 2.2 i-CTDi

    Diesel CR-V
    Hello guys. Could you guys please help me with diagnosing what could be the cause for metal grinding or whistling sound on my Honda CR-V, 2007, manual, diesel. It appears once the engine is at operating temperature. Thanks!
  2. Metal thunk noise

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the CR-V world. I bought a 97 CR-V and have had several issues so far but I've been able to fix most of them. One that has been eluding me is when I am maneuvering at low speeds as in a parking lot every now and again there is a very clear and audible noise that I can...
  3. 2007 CRV Metal 'clunck' front passenger side

    Problems & Issues
    2007 CRV EX w/ 196k on the clock. I thought i had this problem licked a while back but its back, albeit a different 'clunk', and driving me crazy. Rewind to last year or so....metal clunk sound same area no matter if bumps hit head or at an angle, and no matter the speed. First replaced...
  4. can i access the rear sheet metal by removing the plastic cover on the 5th door?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Hi! Well it finally happened, i got a little ding in my new (2016) CR-V I backed out of my garage and hit a recycling can that someone moved into my path I was totally at fault as i didn't even look in my reverse camera - but i thought i was pretty safe in my own driveway - NOPE lol so i...
  5. Rattle noise like metal hitting metal from the rear

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    When I drove above 75-80 mph, I heard rattle noise like metal hitting metal from the right rear. Is it normal? Anybody has the same experience?
  6. Metal strip that connects to rear hatch

    Hey everyone. This is my first post. I am trying to first, find out what the part is called that is above the rear hatch window on my 1998 CR-V? I am going to try and hunt one down and if that is unsuccessful, I will need to at least pull it off and try and fix it. It connects to the rear window...
  7. Adding a Tool Box/Chest Box in Back? (Metal, Lockable, Chain to interior)

    Have any of you heard of something like this? I want to add something like this into the back of a Gen 2 CRV. My CRV has metal loops, attached to the back floor, which can be used somehow to secure/chain the chest/box in place. But I don't know if there are any Metal Chests/metal boxes...
  8. 2015 - Metal shielding under oil filter?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    I have a 2015 EX and saw the video below on oil changes. The video shows a metal shielding that needs to be removed for access to the oil filter. I'm wondering if this metal shielding comes on the 2015 models because mine does not have one. It could be the dealer removed it and never put it...
  9. Intermittent metal scraping sound while driving

    Problems & Issues
    Hi 2011 CRV AWD. An intermittent metal scraping sound coming from what seems to be the rear passenger wheel. Seems to only happen after traveling for a while but comes and goes. Loud enough that you cannot miss it. Seems related to wheel rotation. Took the wheel off, did not see anything...
  10. metal flakes 2008 cr-v ex oil change

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I had been letting merchant's change my oil and rotate tire for me for a while, then decided that I needed to start to baby my 120,000 mile engine, and started using royal purple 5w20 and a k&n oil filter for each change. I changed it myself for the first time today, and found several metal...
  11. what is different between polished gray metal metallic and modern steel

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    the one pai?n?t code is nh737m the one is nh797m ? i want to buy a tailgate spolier? but they do not have modern steel color?only have polished grey?thank u
  12. 2008 CRV emergency/parking brake released, but metal to metal screeching?

    Maintenance and Service
    i've noticed my brakes screeching on occasion after I release the parking brake. It never happens first thing in the morning, only after my car has been out in the hot sun. Sometimes I have to set and release the parking brakes for it to go away. Happened again today, and while screeching...
  13. 2013 Polished Metal Metallic; same as '13 Acura Graphite Luster Metallic?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    New guy here. So the other day some slug snapped off the antenna on the wife's '12 CR-V EX-L. I need to replace it so i'm going to do the Acura RDX sharkfin antenna swap but don't see one listed in Polished Metal Metallic. Anyone know if Acura Graphite Luster Metallic is the same? Looks like it...
  14. Metal rubbing sound when making sharp turns ('99 CRV)

    Problems & Issues
    I hear this metal-rubbing-metal kind of sound when I make very sharp turns (wheel turned all the way for a u-turn, for example). I think it's coming from the front passenger side wheel area. Any idea what it could be? Someone suggested to me that it might just be a worn wheel stopper. I figured...
  15. What is the metal box on this 1999 Cr-v EX?

    Performance Modifications
    I was perusing some used car sales and found this photo. I don't know much about the aftermarket options for my CR-V so I have no clue what this was or the purpose of it. Seeing what the more knowledgeable CR-V owners know about it.
  16. 150 Point checklist for 2012 CRV EXL w/ Navi Polished Metal

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I need some assistance. Been shopping for a used 2012 and low mileage. I asked the Honda dealer to send me a 150 Point checklist to verify the condition and certification of the vehicle going up for sale. But some squares were not checked off. When I asked them why this is the case...their...
  17. Metal grinding noise

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have had my crv for nearly six months now, a few months ago, whilst I was driving.idling in slow moving traffic the car made a strange grinding noise from the drivers side. It sounded like a metal grinding noise that went with the turning round of the wheels. It did this at below10 mph and...
  18. Gun Metal or Titanium Center Console Paint?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I have a 2007 EX-L with Ivory leather interior. I need a new center console storage compartment door (lid next to the cup holders), but I don't know whether mine is the Gun Metal or Titanium color?
  19. Looking for pics of Polished Metal 2012 with spoiler and/or body side moldings?

    Anyone got these on their CRV? Would really like some pics. I can't see to find pics of Polished Metal online. Thanks!
  20. Small metal clips on the radiator fans

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have a 1998 cr-v and I have replaced the air conditioning radiator fan about a year ago by myself. Today I've noticed that it is making weird noises like metal scratching metal. I have disassembled it and found a small metal clip connected on one of its wings. I assumed that this is the...