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  1. 2004 with P2646 and P0301

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hey friends, I have an 2004 with about 238k miles on it. Her name is Happy. She started stalling the other day and threw a P2646. I changed the gasket in the vtec solenoid because it was hard when I tried to take it out, there was some clogging in the screen. Oil was low also so I refilled it...
  2. Engine Rough in 3rd Gear - 2000 CR-V

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys! Long time reader, first time poster. Back in 2016 the timing belt snapped on my CR-V at around 160k miles after having owned it for a mere 6 months. The mechanic was able to salvage the engine and $2k later it was fixed. Haven't had any issues with it up until last week when it...
  3. First CR-V: Codes p1399/p0304

    Problems & Issues
    Paid cash for a 2001 CR-V. Automatic transmission with around 179k miles. Very rough idle; Jerky at lights/stops and gives the impression of stalling. (though it never loses power) Intermittent crank/start delay. Codes were: p0304 "cylinder 4 misfire" & p1399 "random cylinder misfire detected"...
  4. 17-18 CRV 1.5T TSB A18-147 Cyl Misfire, Fuel Rich, Engine Whirlng Noise

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Picked this up from a Facebook closed group. PDF is 2.5MB so too big to upload to this forum. If there's a workaround let me know. I've attached screen shot of first page. Engine whirling noise could require camshaft replacement.
  5. Cylinder #3 Misfire

    Problems & Issues
    My wife & I just purchased a 2005 base model CR-V with 160K or so on the odometer, and a replaced engine of unknown mileage. It's a solid vehicle and my wife really likes it, especially with her two hours or so of winter commuting into Flagstaff AZ from up near the Grand Canyon. The nearest...
  6. 2004 crv doors lock but dont unlock. & misfire when weather is cold

    Problems & Issues
    Just as the title says. I have always been able to lock and unlock my doors but about a month ago the lock part of that hole process stopped. I lock my car by pulling to handle and locking it. the only thing that i replaced was the fuse box and the multiplexor on it. other than that...
  7. Broken sparkplug electrode / misfire / cylinder head replacement ADVICE

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi I have a 2005 CRV SE, with about 172,000 miles on it. The other day while driving I got a blinking check engine light, pulled over and had it towed to a mechanic. Mechanic did a compression test and found no compression in cylinder 2, pulled the spark plug and noticed the electrode was...
  8. 2018 Random Misfire issues, Fuel Pump Spectra or Delphi?

    Problems & Issues
    I've been having ongoing misfire issues with my 2008 CRV. I'm wondering if my fuel pump is getting weak from years of spotty fuel supplies. I have swapped the coils around. Changed the plugs. Valve adjustment. Seafoam load. Fuel stabilizers seem to provide immediate clearing of problems. We...
  9. Misfire/ Down this road before 8-(

    Problems & Issues
    Good Day! I've been a guest on the forum for a few years now and have enjoyed the sharing of information. It has helped greatly. I'd like to help others by following this to find a solution. So thanks for your patience and insight. I have searched the forum for this problem and each...
  10. How to fix misfire of cylinder 1

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    How to test and verify that it is not the fuel injector that may be causing misfire. I am receiving code 0135-O2 Sensor (front) need change?
  11. Sputtering issues that dissipate after 15 minutes or driving

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    So, my ride is having some misfire issues... BUT it gets weird. They're not normal issues. When I first start it up after it's been sitting for, I don't know, 4 hours or more, it stutters, like it's not getting enough fuel, but at the same time it smells like it's getting TOO much fuel. I...
  12. 2009 misfire cylinder 1 after valves replaced

    Problems & Issues
    Long story short. All exhaust valves got bent while cranking after timing chain stretched too much. I just got the head back with all new valves. It starts fine and runs, but with the rough idle and miss on #1. Good spark, injector is good, compression matched the other cylinders. It's only...
  13. You have eluded me for years, but victory is now mine! Misfire Codes Solved!

    Problems & Issues
    It's been a while, but thought I'd follow up on my daughter's CRV and the cursed P139XX codes. I replaced/serviced/adjusted the whole ignition system, HG, TB, injector seals, valves (over...and over....and over...), filter, etc., etc., etc. I finally thought, "I wonder if the injectors are...
  14. misfire all cylinders/P0453/p1077

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    I recently bought this 2003 atc crv, hoping I would love it as much as I loved my 01 civic and it's just not working out between us...hoping experienced owners could give me some advice on how to tackle this issue. It has 203 000 km. I thought I was having a transmission issue since the car...
  15. Dreaded engine misfire codes: P1399, P0301, P0304, P0300

    Performance Modifications
    My 2000 CRV started running rough very suddenly a few days ago. After a few minutes, the CEL came on with the codes: P1399, P0301, P0304, P0300. Chose to drive it home for about 10 miles. Will start and run, and even allow me to clear the codes, but when I rev it and let it idle, the P1399...
  16. Lost power, will start, rough running, no idle, OBD shows misfire codes

    Problems & Issues
    Lost power, will start, rough running, no idle, OBD shows misfire codes. It will sometimes idle as if only one cylinder is running. I have only had it for a month but it has run excellent up until yesterday. Thanks for any help you can offer. HondaKeeper
  17. 97 Misfire in Cylinders 3&4

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, just bought my self 97 V, she has 245K on her but she is great shape inside and out. the PO provided me docs showing that he just done a boat load of work on her: Valve lash adjustment timing belt distributor cap and rotor plug wires plugs fuel filter but she is throwing codes...
  18. 2003 Honda CR V Sudden Misfire Codes P300, P301, P302 and P420

    Problems & Issues
    I need help. We have a 2003 CR V we just bought with 214,000 miles. It was running fine and yesterday the engine light started flashing. There is a loud ticking coming from the muffler area and we are getting the following codes. P420, P301, P302, P300. I know what the codes stand for as I...
  19. 1999 crv P1399 misfire no sensor codes- bad TPS?

    Problems & Issues
    have been struggling with this for several weeks now. started getting misfire codes, the usual unhelpful 300,301,302, 303,304 and 1399 codes at various times with no other codes to indicate failing parts. car runs a bit rough when cold and gets worse as it warms up. i can go 60-70 mph on the...
  20. Help -low compression

    Problems & Issues
    Hello- Looking for suggestions on an odd problem -2001 CRV, 155k Car suddenly started missing at a traffic light. codes 300, 302, 304, 1399. Ran great before that. Coil is in spec, checked wires, cap & rotor, changed gas filter, cleaned IACV. Finally took it to mechanic who said compression in...