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  1. Dreaded engine misfire codes: P1399, P0301, P0304, P0300

    Under The Hood / Performance
    My 2000 CRV started running rough very suddenly a few days ago. After a few minutes, the CEL came on with the codes: P1399, P0301, P0304, P0300. Chose to drive it home for about 10 miles. Will start and run, and even allow me to clear the codes, but when I rev it and let it idle, the P1399...
  2. Honda 1998 CRV Idling Issues Cylinder Misfires

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey guys, made two youtube videos on my problem w/ my Honda CRV 1998, would like any helpful advice.
  3. 03 CRV 701K Misfires P0300, P0301, P0302 -

    Problems & Issues
    TLDR? -Just get the valves adjusted because its never been done? -------------------------------------- Sorry I reposted this because I thought it was in the wrong (maintenance) earlier. I have an 03 CRV with 71K miles on it. I had a fair amount of work done 3 months ago because I was having a...
  4. random misfires

    Problems & Issues
    timing belt broke on my 2000 crv, i replaced belt, tensioner and water pump. it started up just fine, i drove it for an hour with no problems. later that day i started it up again and it was running fine but the cel came on. checked the blink codes and came up with the random misfires on 3+4...
  5. Engine Misfires

    Problems & Issues
    Four months ago, my uncle fixed an issue with the spark plugs in my CR-V. The computer that he has was reading misfires. The check engine light never stopped flashing, and the performance is down. When I went to get it inspected last month, it failed because of misfires again. Help?
  6. Head Assembly -> Cylinder Misfires Repair Options???

    Problems & Issues
    just found out i need a head assembly for 97 CRV with 200,000 miles-> i had codes for misfire on 2 cylinders and shop did a valve adjustment which didn't work. They said the cylinders re-seat themselves and ruin the head after this many miles . didn't get details once i heard the cost was...
  7. '99 CR-V w/ multiple cylinder misfires

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, this is my first post. I have had a '99 CR-V for about 3 years now. Picked it up at 65k and it just hit 100k. I am having my first major issue with it just now. I live in CT which has OBD-II emissions testing. I failed for having a lit CEL. The CEL has been lit constantly for about 4...