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  1. Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    Hi, I am looking to swap SE trim seats for EX leather seats in my UK spec 2004 (pre-facelift) CR-V 2.0 Auto. When swapping them is there already provision to add a heated seat button and if so where are the electrics?
  2. Diesel CR-V
    Hi all, I love my 2006 MK2 CRV and have started soending money on her as I plan to keep the car for several years yet. I recently replaced front suspension struts and springs, track rod ends, front pads and some bent wheel studs, rear pads ( all work done Myself ). I still have the nearside...
  3. Performance Modifications
    Hi. Does anyone know the crush washer size for the coolant drain on the bottom of the engine please? I believe the drain on the bottom of the rad does not require a crush washer, but the engine drain point does. Thanks
  4. Diesel CR-V
    Hi, I'm having problems with the bearing on the AC compressor on my 2005 mk2 2.2cdti, I think it's a Denso compressor in which case I know what bearing I need but I've been told that it might be a different compressor as there where 8 used on the 2.2 cdti engine at different times. Thanks in advance
  5. Diesel CR-V
    Hi, My first post since just got a CR-V 2006 i-CDTi a few days ago. Recently, before I owned it, my car had battery issues and a new alternator was fittted, but the battery was kept. MOT report that year (2017) suggested to keep an eye on the battery as it was reading a low charge/voltage...
  6. Accessories
    I've searched everywhere for a body kit for my 2005 mk2 but have no joy. If anyone has any links and pics that would be amazing. Thanks
  7. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi folks, I have searched but can't find instructions for what I want to do. I snapped the blue RH (drivers side in UK) wing mirror off of the work MK2 Honda. I have a replacement from my old car but it is grey. As the blue shell is not damaged I'd like to swap them over, but I can't find...
  8. Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    Hi I am having issues removing the shift knob , when I turn it counter clockwise if turns but then stops , almost as though something is holding it in place and preventing further turns. Can somebody please definitively advise how you get the gear shift knob off ? Thanks Tariq
  9. Audio, Sat-Nav & Mobile Electronics
    Hi guys, just thought id share a wee upgrade I did today. I looked online and couldnt find much info, other than a couple of videos showing how to replace the speakers making MDF cutouts. Any-who FYI Honda Civic 2001 - 2006 Front Speaker adapters for aftermarket speakers. Fit the front and...
  10. Accessories
    I've been looking on the internet for some bull bars for the front of my mk2 honda Cr-V sport with the face lift as it is a 2006 reg. I've found multiple ones but the only ones that have been pictured on my car were worth £365. I just wondered if any of you know which ones fit (or can be made to...
  11. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Wrapping the Dash & center console with leather & alcantara Cr-v MK2 2006 ICTDI Everyone driving a CR-V mk2 have probably noticed the low quality of the plastic used everywhere in the vehicle... even for the dash! I know that probably is silly spending a lot of money on a car that year for...
  12. Accessories
    Has anyone come across a roof light bar mount that fits into/on the front roof rail screw just above the top corner of the windscreen under the little removable plate? Seems like an ideal place to mount a light bar but I can't find anything out there? Cheers
  13. Accessories
    Hi All, I'm looking to tint the rear windows on my 2002 CR-V so they are similar to the executive model's factory tinted windows (photo below) Does anyone know the level of tint that each window would have as standard? (I'm in the UK not sure if that will effect the tinting Honda does?)...
  14. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Would I be able to put leather seats from a mk2 in a mk1 ?
1-14 of 32 Results