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  1. VSA modulator: Is there a difference between Japan and USA versions?

    Problems & Issues
    It appears that I need to get a new VSA Modulator for my 2009 CR-V. :angryfire I looked up the part number and found that there is a different part number listed for vehicles that originated from Japan vs the ones that originated from the U.S.: Because money is an issue here, I'm would like...
  2. 2006 CRV needs ABS Modulator or VSA Modulator....big bucks!!! HELP

    Problems & Issues
    I purchased our CRV last year and paid $13,000 for it. It's been great until about a month ago when three brake warning lights came on. The inspection is due and so I brought it into the dealer today only to be told that to inspect it I would need to replace the faulty VSA modulator and the...
  3. VSA Modulator - choices?

    Problems & Issues
    Our Honda CR V, 2006, has had the VSA and ABS lights on for a while. No braking issues, but dealer says VSA Mod needs replacing. Big bucks! Can a modulator for a 2006 be bought elsewhere? The dealer quoted $1400 plus labour. Ouch. Any advice appreciated! E
  4. VSA/ABS Modulator

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2005 CRV-EX with 226,109 miles, and I am the original owner. At random times, it will ride rough, like you are driving over small ridges in the mini speed breakers. Honda dealer kept it a week to see if they could reproduce what it was doing. They tell me I need a new...
  5. Extremely rare ABS Modulator problem on my 2008 CR-V - seriously??

    Problems & Issues
    So, my Brake, ABS, VBS, and Stability Control ( ! inside a triangle) lights came on. It stumped my local mechanic and I ended up taking my car to the dealer. After they looked at my car I was told it stumped them. They told me they haven't really seen this except for once, in a car that was hit...
  6. VSA modulator

    Diesel CR-V
    VSA modultor fault Hi, I have exactly the fault described below and in other threads regarding the VSA modulator in my 2006 CRV. Has anyone used the ECU rebuild service (link below) and have any comments on reliability etc. Also is removal and replacement something a reasonably competeent...