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  1. 2017 CR-V modulo grill and fog lights

    Honda modulo grill and fog lights
  2. Modulo Body Kit for CR-V 2016

    Hi I'm looking for modulo body kit for CR-V 2016, does anyone know where can I get it. I already asked Honda Access from Thailand but they refused to deliver it in Dubai, UAE. Below are the parts code. Thanks in advance. Front Grille 08F21-T0A-700A Front Aero Bumper 08P98-T0A-700B Rear Aero...
  3. honda modulo emblems...

  4. CRV Modulo 2014 urban titanium

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Can anyone please post any picture of the latest CRV Modulo in Urban Titanium color...I will be getting mine next week but I can't wait to see the picture of it..
  5. Any suggestions for better gas mileage on my new Honda CRV modulo 2014

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I will be getting my new CRV next week and I want help from you guys on how I could save gas in highways, hills, traffics, etc.
  6. I wanted to buy the Crv Modulo, I can't choose what color to get?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    They are giving me three choices: Taffeta White Urban Titanium Crystal Black Please help me choose the best color and your opinion why you choosed it
  7. 2013 honda crv ex-l (with modulo aero bumpers upgraded) for sale.

    Trading Post
    Hi all, I want to sell my 2013 crv ex-l with modulo aero bumpers. The car color is Conan coffee brown, and it is in excellent condition. I bought it new and have no problem so far. As of now it only have about 8,500 miles (14months). Extra accessories include: modulo aero bumpers, running board...
  8. new modulo bumpers for my 13 crv.

    After searching for a long time I finally got the modulo bumpers for my crv. These are definitely much nicer then the u.s. spec front and rear bumpers.
  9. 2012-13 CR-V Modulo bumpers on sale on eBay...

    Hi everyone, I found this posting on eBay selling Modulo bumpers for 2012-13 CR-V ....
  10. New Modulo kit for 2012-13 CR-V

    New Modulo bodykit for 2013 CR-V? :cool:
  11. wtb: 2012-13 cr-v modulo body kits or 2012-13 cr-v euro version front bumper.

    Hi I have a 2013 cr-v (north american version) and i want to replace my front bumper with the euro cr-v version bumper. Anyone know how I can get 1 from europe? The north american cr-v version is not as nice looking as the 1 in europe, asia or australia. Thanks.
  12. 2013 Modulo CR-V VTI-S in Melbourne Australia

    Image & Video Gallery
    Hi all, My post on the 2013 Honda CR-V Modulo with front + rear bumper, spoiler and modulo side-step, and 19 inch wheels
  13. [ CRV Owner's] All New Crv modulo from Indonesia ^_^

    Image & Video Gallery
    ------ CRV 2007 BD 738 AL ------- haiii im crv user from indonesia :D UPDATE INTERIOR PHOTO New muffler Greddy :o update....... convert to modulo 2010 honeycomb n lis chrome MODULO 2010 DONE!!! UPDATE 16/1 - UNICHIP DASTEK special thx to : - WILLY n Namura Hyan...
  14. 2010 Modulo Urban kit

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Ok Here's the good stuff for the 2010...the body kit from Honda Access (Modulo),, this one is the Urban kit. It also has been facelifted from the 07-09 kit. Sadly it's only available in Asia, Europe and Oceania. Modulo Front upper and lower grill, bumpers, rims and side cladding. Check it out on...
  15. Modulo kit is available in NA

    Check out pix: Any questions pm or email to me.
  16. Honda Modulo

    now if any US honda dealer can get a honda part ( with provide part numbers ) are they available to get Honda Modulo parts as well???:confused: