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  1. Dear Honda:
    My 2018 EX-L has electric seat warmers, rear window defogger and side mirror defoggers. Canadian models even have front windshield defoggers/wiper deicers. Since the engine takes forever to output cabin heat on cold days, why not a supplementary electric heater that could be used until the...
  2. Problems & Issues
    I know that many of you have encountered this problem. American Honda apparently is aware of the problem but has not provided any solutions.
  3. Problems & Issues
    Hi; I am new to the forums and would really appreciate some insight or help with my first CRV.It is a 2003 two whl drive that has 150K on it. I purchased it last month to replace my 97 Altima which I have driven the last 9 years.I bought my wife a 2012 Pilot in june and she has over 20K on...