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  1. Electric heater for those cold mornings

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    My 2018 EX-L has electric seat warmers, rear window defogger and side mirror defoggers. Canadian models even have front windshield defoggers/wiper deicers. Since the engine takes forever to output cabin heat on cold days, why not a supplementary electric heater that could be used until the...
  2. Grinding Noise when first starting vehicle on cold mornings

    Problems & Issues
    I know that many of you have encountered this problem. American Honda apparently is aware of the problem but has not provided any solutions.
  3. slow cranking on some mornings CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi; I am new to the forums and would really appreciate some insight or help with my first CRV.It is a 2003 two whl drive that has 150K on it. I purchased it last month to replace my 97 Altima which I have driven the last 9 years.I bought my wife a 2012 Pilot in june and she has over 20K on...