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  1. Wheel well mouldings

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    My dealer didn't have the color combo I wanted so they had one flatbed trucked over. I had already negotiated the price I wanted and was happy with it. When the EX arrived i noticed it had chrome exhaust tailpipe finishers on it and also these wheel well mouldings. Are these wheel well mouldings...
  2. CR-V Body mouldings

    Problems & Issues
    What is the best product for restoring color/cleaning the numerous plastic body mouldings now on all late model CR-Vs? My ones are turning quite grey and look scruffy.
  3. 05 CRV with painted arch mouldings and lower bumpers.

    CR-V Owners in Europe
    I just realised my 2005 EX executive CRV has completely painted bumpers and painted arch mouldings in body colour all the others don't appear to. Does anyone else have this or has someone painted them since it left the factory.
  4. Door side mouldings

    What are you using on your Gen 1 Door side mouldings to make them look good. david g.
  5. 2013 CRV (Canadian) Color for side mouldings

    Problems & Issues
    Hello guys.My 2013 Crv Touring has paint code r529p and is Dark Cherry.The dealer wants 400$ for the 4 side mouldings.I spend my winters in Florida and last week i went to a Honda Dealer for my first oil change and inspection.The mouldings here cost 200$ but the 2013 CRV in the U.S. has paint...
  6. 2009 CRV Body Side Moulding, WHere Can I Find Them? Im in Atl, GA

    Dealership want 300 for these. IS there somewhere local to pick these up???