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  1. 06 AC Compressor mounted wrong

    Problems & Issues
    What Happens when a Mechanic mounts your AC with 3 Bolts instead of 4? I found out on a Hot Summer Evening driving to Virginia.
  2. Hitch mounted bike rack and power lift gate?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2019 CR-V EX-L. I am thinking about adding a trailer hitch so I can mount a bike rack without fear of damaging body panels. However, if someone activates the power lift gate when the bike rack is installed something will get damaged. Is there any way to program the power lift gate so...
  3. Rear ceiling mounted seat belt fraying

    Problems & Issues
    The rear center seatbelt (ceiling mounted) has rubbed against the ceiling housing to the point where the housing and the seat belt are unsafe. This is on a 2013 EXL and we always had the seat belt extended to the seat. Is this an issue that anyone else has experienced? Were you able to get Honda...
  4. LED light bar mounted inside grill -2015 Touring

    I converted my fog lights to LED and decided I wanted more light. I saw there was enough space in the grill beneath the Honda emblem for a narrow 21 inch LED light bar. I took the whole front clip apart. I carefully cut the lower part of the grill out and mounted a 21 inch light bar. It...
  5. License plate mounted led bar

    Just got my front license plate led bar mount in the mail and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to mount it on my 2004 crv, the mount weights 608 grams and the led bar weighs 4.1 pounds, would self tapping screws into the front license plate mount hold this weight?
  6. First Gen 97-01 2" Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    I've recently installed a Curt Class 3 (model #: 13314) 2" Receiver Hitch on my 2001... I was wondering what types of bike racks (preferably hold 2 bikes) are compatible on the first generation CR-Vs. I would the hitch mounted rack to clear the spare tire and also be able to pivot to allow...
  7. 2012 - Power steering & TCS lights on after replacing wheel mounted radio controls

    Problems & Issues
    2012 - Power steering & TCS lights on after replacing wheel mounted radio controls First off, thanks for having me! I just bought my first CR-V 3 weeks ago, a 2012 EX-L and love it! I had no idea such a strong community existed for it, this has been a great resource so far. Tonight I...
  8. 2006 rear center seat belt (ceiling mounted) is stuck extended

    Problems & Issues
    any intel on how to fix this. At least how to remove the plastic trim around it....? I heard Honda repairs seat belts for free? thanks
  9. Trunk mounted bike rack on CRV?

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Was just wondering if anyone has successfully used a trunk-mounted rack on a CRV. I have a 2015 and I dont have a hitch nor do i have roof racks. I have seen photos of several trunk mounted racks attached to crv's and i understand they could interfere with the operation of the rear wiper. Was...
  10. Will 245/65/17 tires fit

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I need some tires asap and my brother in law has some good tires from his pilot 09 which are 245/65/17 goodyear fortera that I can have for free until I can buy new ones...will they fit
  11. Roof Mounted Light Bar

    Hey guys, just purchased my first 1999 4wd CR-V last week! I was curious if anyone knows where to get a roof mounted light bar? :confused: Thanks in advance -CoDy
  12. 1999 CRV rear roof mounted aerial

    Problems & Issues
    Can anyone help with instructions on how to examine/replace the amplifier on a rear mounted 'stubby' aerial. I took the radio into an auto store and they thought the unit wasn't too bad and suspected the amplified aerial. I guess this involves taking the roof lining off. Thanks
  13. '08 CRV Looking For Hatch Mounted Bike Rack

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    I have a 2008 honda CRV and wanted to put a hatch mounted bike rack. I only need to put two bikes on it. Is there any decent ones out there? Thanks for your help, Jim
  14. FS: Set of 4 Snow Tires mounted on Honda Steel Wheels

    Trading Post
    I am a former CRV owner (traded it for a murano to pull a bigger boat) I have a set of 4 snow tires. They are 215/65-16 on the Honda 16" factory steel wheels. I put about 4,000 miles on them before switching back over to the summer tires and trading it in. I will ship to anywhere in the...
  15. Mounted all my stuff! (reviews)

    Mobile Electronics
    Well, I finished up the dash mounting project! Here's what I got: 1. MP3 mount: Proclips #853940 center mount 2. Cell phone mount: Bracketron Multi-Vehicle Mount MVM-35-05 3. XM Radio mount: Arkon Gooseneck Photos of the procedure are in my Google Album. I want to take some better...