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  1. 2008 CRV Door actuator mounting screw

    Problems & Issues
    So I've removed my actuators in the past with no problem. Had to replace one this weekend but one of three mounting screws is going to need drilling out. I can't seem to find the size screw listed anywere so I can get some before I proceed . I think it's a phillips M6- 14 x 1.0 is that correct?
  2. After market cross bar - mounting hardware??

    Hi all, I bought a set of crossbars for my 2007 CRV from eBay seller free-motor802. Despite the ad showing the fasteners none were provided. The seller referred me to the text description which just says crossbars and makes no mention of the fasteners (grrrr....) Here's the hardware I'm looking...
  3. 1st gen 2000 CRV - Swing gate license plate mounting plate thing...

    I had a sticking swing gate handle. When I closed the gate, it would just pop back open. Anyhow, I had to remove the trim/plate that surrounds the license plate, to get to my problematic handle. I dropped it =( And now the brackets are damaged, it's being held on by two bolts now, instead of...
  4. FS: WESTIN 2002-06 Honda CR-V Blk Grille Guard Push Bar Bull + Mounting Kit

    Trading Post
    FS: WESTIN 2002-06 Honda CR-V Blk Grille Guard + Mounting Kit -- NJ $100 I have a Brand-new Westin Bull Bar grille guard for sale + Mounting Kit. Never mounted. Mounting kit for 2002-06 Honda CRV included (or sold separately if two buyers are found). Mounting kit is New in the box, never...
  5. Amp mounting location

    Mobile Electronics
    So I was wondering... Is it advisable to put an amp in the spare tire compartment? I was thinking cutting out a circular sheet of wood and mounting the amp on that on top of the spare tire. My only concerns are heat.... Anybody done this?
  6. Please help with installing head unit in 03 CRV!!

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm not only new to the group, but I've also never installed my own head unit before. Crutchfield sent along an American International mounting bracket (HON-K828) and it seems that it fits most CRV's so I was hoping someone here may have some experience with the mounting kit. My problem is...
  7. mounting front license plate on a 2007 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, Newbie here. Just inherited my grandfather's 2007 CRV. He was in NC where it didn't require a front license plate, and I'm in Maine and needing a front and back. I've read some things on the internet regarding it being a bit of a hassle to install a front license plate on the CRV...
  8. Proper Tire Mounting 2009 CR-V Aluminum Wheels

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Does anyone know the correct tire mounting method to use on a 2009 CR-V with aluminum wheels? I purchased four new Yokohama Avid Envigor tires in January 2011. Since then, the dealer has had to put at least 10 new tires on the car because each time they are rotated, there is a vibration in the...
  9. 2000 CRV - Need help mounting a sub

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi everyone, I just got a new 12" Sound Ordnance sub (the B-17) for my 2000 CRV, and I need some help figuring out a way to mount it in my cargo space. The CRV has the spare tire chamber under the cargo floor, and it is covered by the plastic folding table. I wouldn't mind sacrificing the spare...
  10. 2003 vs 2005 seat mounting bolts difference

    I am looking at buying a Ram laptop mount for my 2003 CR-V. Ram has a 2005-2011 passenger side seat bolt mount, but no listing for a 2003. Is the front passenger side seat mounting the same in the 2005 as the 2003 or did Honda change something? Paul
  11. 2007 Amp Mounting in spare tire.

    Mobile Electronics
    Well, this is my first post, and this is also my project. Before we start, let me clarify a few things. #1. I spoke with Rockford Fosgate already and mounting the amp upside down is alright. Not the most recommended way, but Tech support told me that it won't hurt and they have done it in...
  12. 2000 Honda C-RV Drive Shaft Mounting

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All, I have a 2000 V with approximately 200000 Kilometers on it. I have had the drive shaft re-built once by a machine shop. The first time I removed it from the vehicle for this it came out fine. Recently, 20000 Kms after the rebuild it started getting bad again. I was going to remove...
  13. DIY: Make your own universal Thule or Yakima mounting hardware

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    I recently switched cars and as a result, realized that the aero bars on the CR-V roof rack don't work with many of the older Thule and Yakima mounting hardware that was designed for square cross bars. A quick search revealed that these parts aren't widely available, particularly from Thule as...
  14. Interior Spare Tire Mounting

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    Why not mount the spare tire so that the valve stem is is pointed up? As it is now if one wants to check the air pressure in the spare, the tire has to be removed. Please note that my 1998 Nissian Altima and 1999 Nissian Sentra had the spare tires mounted this way.
  15. Mounting X-Cargo Roof Box

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    I have a 2005 CR-V without a roof rack. I want to secure a Sears X-Cargo (some call it a Big Mac box) to the roof. I do have a moonroof. I thought about removing the rack mount covers and screwing four eyebolts into one of the threaded mount holes on each corner. Then I can tie down the box...
  16. Mounting toll reader on windshield

    Hello, I currently own a 2006 CR-V EX. I'm new here, but not a new CR-V owner (just bought my second pre-owned one, I love it that much). I have a toll reader that needs to be mounted on windshield, out of the way. I want to mount behind the rear-view mirror with sticky back velcro, but I...
  17. Help wiring and mounting Hella 500ff (gen1)

    i've recently purchased a hella 500ff driving light kit for my 1999 crv lx. the instructions inside are terrible. i've looked on the hella site and found some instructions. i know it's not brain surgery, but i would like to get it right the first time, and done quickly. 1) wiring: is everything...
  18. winch mounting?

    i'm looking to put a 3000lb winch on the front of my '97. anybody done this before? not looking for self recovery (got my '73 bronco for 4 wheeling and it has an 8000lb winch), more for work. i'm a mobile mechanic so sometimes i need to move something, or pull on an axle, or something of that...
  19. Mounting Sirius Antenna Under Roof Rail

    Mobile Electronics
    Windshield Mount Antenna Windshield mount antenna works good with Sirius
  20. Torque on rear brake bracket mounting bolt

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, could someone with the service manual tell me the torque required for the rear brake bracket mounting bolts for a 05 CR-V? I twisted mine with 76 ft pounds. Now I am not sure how much I should go for? Thanks a lot.