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  1. 2019 CR-V Touring - Found Mouse Hitchhiker, Maybe Another in the HVAC?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Recently we brought some bags of mulch home in our CR-V and noted that one bag had a hole and some mulch was scattered around the load area. About a week later we noted a bad and persistent smell. We looked everywhere in the car but found nothing so we vacuumed out the mulch and the rest of the...
  2. Dead animal somewhere

    Problems & Issues
    My beautiful 2019 three-month old CR-V is undrivable because the smell is so bad. I’ve looked in every accessible place to find the critter. I think might be in vent system. Any suggestions?
  3. Installed Track Ball Mouse for HeadUnit

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I find it easier to use apps when using a track ball mouse it's more like a PC with the left/right click. [ATTACH]
  4. Mouse nest on cabin filter/how to acess fresh air duct

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    My wife went on a 4 day trip with her family and while she was gone a mouse took up residence on top of her cabin filter and a squirrel made a nest beside her battery. I can't find the entrance to the fresh air duct, can someone help me out? I will try to make a screen to go over it. Thanks
  5. 2011 crv ventilation system diagrams (mouse problems)

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hi there, We have just had a mouse in the CRV for a few days (doesn't seem uncommon). The mouse (hoping it is only one, I still have the traps set) managed to eat a hole through the recerc. flap above the cabin filter/fan unit and start pulling the noise dampening mat into the filter area (...
  6. 2009 CRV mouse chewed through transmission harness wire

    Problems & Issues
    I had the check engine light come on along with the flashing D on my 2009 CRV recently. I bought a ODB II code reader and it came up with code P0843. I bought the replacement transmission switch (28600-RCR-004) and when I went to replace it I found a mouse nest and the wire was completely...
  7. Great Forum! Helped me solve our dead mouse in the hvac system problem.

    Greetings & Introductions
    I'm so glad I found this group. Our only hesitation on buying the CRV in '09 was due to mice problems we've had with our 2002 Pilot. It took 6 yrs but they finally found their way into the CRV HVAC system. Thanks for pointing the way to clearing the system and preventing further invasions...
  8. 2003 crv a/c issues, new equipment not cold

    Problems & Issues
    Asked on July 17, 2011 2003 Honda CRV EX with 158,000 miles 4 cyl 2.4 ltr Automatic 4 Wheel Drive 2003 Honda CRV A/C issues Honda crv 2003 a/c; we have replaced the entire a/c system with a "set" of aftermarket components. At an ambient temp of 95 degrees F, the low side pressure at 900 rpm...
  9. Where to find dead mouse in 2006 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    A female mouse built a nest behind our glove box, and was in the process of re-locating the babies from the car to under our washer and dryer in the garage, when our cat caught and killed her. We found five of the babies under the washer and dryer. But evidently there was at least one more baby...
  10. mouse odor from cabin filter compartment

    A mouse made a nest in the cabin filter, the odor is horrendous. I have removed the filters, vacuumed the area, sprayed Febreze to neutralize the odor. Left the compartment open for 36 hours. Then inserted new filters, vacuumed and sprayed the carpeting with Febreze, but the mouse urine smell...