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  1. Making Mp3 folder to play correctly in your 2017 Crv

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi... I'm having this issue. While playing mp3's in any specific folder, without having issues, with sound, ect, I will shut the engine off, and come back a few hours later. For , reasons that I do not understand, the player, will always come back to the first song in the first folder, even...
  2. Random MP3 tracks don't seem very random

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I have an USB drive with around 400 MP3s across multiple folders plugged in to my '17. I recently started using the "Random All Tracks" feature. It doesn't seem very random though...the same songs seem to keep popping up. If it happened occasionally I would chalk that up to coincidence in the...
  3. Some MP3 files don't play

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    I have a 2007 CRV (UK) with satnav/touchscreen MP3 player. After loading the Transcend card with MP3 files, some songs play without a problem, but most do not. The ones that don't play appear on the screen for about 1 second, then it just skips to the next track. No error message from what I...
  4. USB Drive MP3's - How do you fast forward or rewind?

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    New owner (one week) of a 2018 CR V Touring AWD. Still trying to learn the tech in this car. I listen to podcasts that are one or two hours long each and I want to skip over some of the topics. How do I fast forward though a file or backup if I overshoot? Also, just as an experiment, I put...
  5. MP3, I don’t know what I’m doing

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I was going to try to load my music from my Mac book pro to a memory stick, I had my iTunes loading on to my memory stick in a music folder. Plugged it into my CRV and it says it does not recognize the device. Do I have to format the memory stick for MP3 music? Or am I doing something wrong...
  6. Issue playing MP3's via USB on 2017 Touring

    Mobile Electronics
    Made up a USB drive with a bunch of albums for wife CR-V. Problem is she starts an album, first track plays OK and then the second track fails. These are all MP3's ripped at anywhere from 128Kbps to 192Kbps, it doesn't matter. When I look in the folder on the screen it's showing duplicate...
  7. Newly added MP3 files won't play from a USB stick

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2016 Honda CR-V. I recently added three new mp3s to the USB stick but for some reason those three don't show up at all on the screen, so I can't play them. The 3 new files are in mp3 format and are not protected. The only different between these three and the rest is the bit rate. The...
  8. 20,000 files or less of mp3's

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Howdy Folks, I have a great 128 gig flash drive that has been working great until I copied more. I just copied over 40,000 mp3's. If you copy more than 20,000 you will not be able to search for songs via voice. (I am a data hoarder) By clicking on each folder works fine.
  9. 2015 CR-V MP3 Playback via Flash Drive

    Mobile Electronics
    I've read numerous threads here about MP3 playback, but still can't see exactly what Honda is doing. The car is the 2015 CR-V EX-L w/o Nav, soon to be delivered, but not yet in my driveway. I have many MP3 files (around 30 GB) arranged on my computer HDD set up in my own folder and subfolder...
  10. Using an MP3

    Mobile Electronics
    Ok, this is my first visit to the forum and my first Honda! Well it's actually my wife's. Anyway, she wants to play her MP3 player in the car, but in a 2015 with the high-power stereo, all we have are USB ports. Any suggestions on where to get an adapter that will go from USB to the headphone...
  11. Radio displays "No Data" for 8GB FAT32 USB with MP3 files

    Problems & Issues
    When I put my 8GB flash drive into the 1 of 2 USB slots the Audio player says "No Data". The USB is formatted FAT32 and contains MP3 files that have played on my 10 yr old Kenwood deck. The files were in folders, so I tried moving some of the MP3 files to the root directory, but I got the same...
  12. Question about USB MP3 Play Back

    Problems & Issues
    I've been getting to know my new 2015 CRV EX and had a question about the music system which I can't seem to find an answer to by googling. I was able to load my entire itunes music library on a usb thumb drive and play my music. The problem is it is being played alphabetically by artist...
  13. 2014 Honda CRV MP3 Player Recommendation

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2014 Honda CRV, top of the line (I can't remember quite what it's called). But it's the best one you can buy. I want to use my MP3 player, but when I plug it in using any means (AUX, USB, etc.), it isn't recognized by the car. My MP3 player is a MyZen, and I think the...
  14. 2015 EX-L Premium sound - display remaining time on CD or MP3 track

    Mobile Electronics
    Currently both screens displays the play time of a CD or MP3 track counting up, is there an option to display the remaining time on a track instead?
  15. 20111 CRV LX and MP3 USe

    Mobile Electronics
    I purchased a 2011 CRV LX and tried to hook up my MP3 player thru the aux jack on the dash but have had no luck. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to play a MP3 thru the aux jack thru the radio? I have gone thru the owners manual but no luck. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  16. 2000 mp3 adapter install

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm not big on replacing stock radios and such so this is probably a bit boring to most folks but it suits my needs well and it was cheap :cool: I picked up one of those mp3 adapters that plugs into where the optional CD changer goes. There are a bunch of them all over ebay for about $30. The...
  17. PCMCIA mp3 format

    Mobile Electronics
    I have an 07 crv and been playing around with the PCMCIA card and a 2gb compact flash card. I found it kept crashing the sat nav when I added mp3 file which were 320kbps. But it seemed to play a few smaller 128kbps mp3 tracks. The manual seems to suggest it should play the larger files. It is...
  18. 1999 CR-V what format for Cd music? It wont play MP3

    Mobile Electronics
    I have some CD's that I burned and they play fine on my computer. They are in MP3 format. They wont play in the car??? Other store bought music plays fine. Maybe they are copied to a CD in DATA form and Not audio and it makes difference? As I said.. plays fine on my computers
  19. Recent MP3 files won't play on USB stick

    Mobile Electronics
    I have about 200 MP3 files (all in one folder) on a memeory stick and all the songs have been playing fine when connected to the USB port. I recently added some new songs and the stereo skips over them as if they aren't there. But for sure they are on the stick. Any suggestions? I noticed the...
  20. The PC-card do not show any music

    Mobile Electronics
    I have installed a Compact Flash card (2 GB) but the system only returns "No Music". The handbook says this menas that the card is empty or there is no MP3 files on the card, that´s incorecct. I have tried with only three files on the card, have tride both MP3 and iTunes files, have tried to...