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  1. N00b Alert !

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi folks Just thought I'd say hi ! I'm a new UK CRV owner, collecting my 2015 2L I-Vtec EX on Thursday. Looking forward to learning lots ! Cheers J
  2. Advice for a n00b 2015 CR-V LX owner

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello After many years, I am back in a CR_V. I just leased a 2015 CR-V LX in polished metal metallic a few days ago. So far, I am happy with it, but as always find things that bug me. Its a lease, so I am going to do small reversible upgrades such as: 1) Headlight bulbs - I may stick some PIAA...
  3. n00b here: just bought my first car!! 2011 CR-V LX ~32,000 miles

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello, folks! I'm new to the CR-V and Honda in general. Only car before this was a zesty little 2011 Ford Fiesta -- leased new (with the help of my twin brother) -- that killed a telephone pole in its first year of life! No one else was hurt except the car didn't make it. Just got a 2011 CR-V...
  4. Can't move the seats in the back forward or backward (n00b warning)

    Problems & Issues
    We just bought a Honda CR-V 2005, not sure of the model but it says "i-CTDi" on the back. This may sound ridiculous, but we do not understand how to move the rear seats forward and backward. When we use the lever under the seat, which is standard for almost all types of cars, we can not get the...
  5. Dumb n00b question...

    Problems & Issues
    Hey folks, very helpful forum. I'm looking at buying a 2003 LX AWD model, but my question is: how do I "know" that it's AWD? Without a shifter to switch to AWD anywhere, how can I be sure that I'm not being sold a 2WD? Yes, that is a dumb question...I know. Scold after answering. :) Thanks! AC
  6. n00b, from Texas!

    Greetings & Introductions
    hey everyone!! ive been lurking one here for a few months, and finally decided to join! i got a 99 crv ex rtawd 5speed....i got it a few months ago, cuz i needed another daily, since i had big plans for my other car, anyway its alot of fun, and i love it! :D