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  1. nano 7

    Mobile Electronics
    hello people; A co worker is telling me about it and he loves it in his rav and his wifes V. He got it for like $150.00. Any one of you V owners use one in there V's. I'm thinking of getting one. I guess it would replace a multi CD set up. IBBY
  2. NO sound coming from my IPOD Nano

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2010 EX-L. I got a 19gb nano and it worked great for about 2 days. When my wife and I left the resturaunt last night, there was no sound. It showed it playing it but there was no sound. This is plugged up in the dash with the ipod cord. I plugged my usb in and it played songs then...
  3. Anyone using the new tiny iPod Nano with a 2010 EX-L Nav?

    Mobile Electronics
    I am trying to figure out which iPod to ask Santa for this holiday, and I figured the new matchbook sized Nano is a good balance between size and capacity, and some amount of durability, especially when it will spend most of its life in a glove box. Has anyone use this iPod, especially with the...