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  1. Nasty engine noise when making quick gear shifts.

    Diesel CR-V
    If I accelerate up to about 2500/3000 and drop the clutch quickly for a faster gear change I get get a brief, harsh noise. If I ease the the throttle back just before de-clutching I don't get it - is it the turbo? My last 2005 model never did it in 200,000 miles, but my wife's civic diesel with...
  2. 2003 Honda CR V Making Nasty Noise

    Under The Hood / Performance
    so my 03 crv is making a sound similar to a quarter being spun around a tin can. if any body knows anything please post. i dont know much about my car and want to learn!
  3. (i dont know what to title) My 2003 honda crv is making a nasty noise

    Maintenance and Service
    so my car is making a really bad sound, imagine a washer in a tin can and then spinning the tin can and the washer going around it. its been going on for about a week no. any advice??
  4. My Detail Cut/polish/wax and nasty scratches removed

    Wax on, Wax Off
    This is not a STI but I figured I would post as you could use similar process. The vehichle was in rough shape tonnes of scratches in the clear and a 4.5 foot key scratch on the passenger side. First I taped off portions of car that I did not want to get wax splatter and the sort all over...