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  1. Website & Platform Help
    Hi - I'm new here and trying to find answers about navigating this site. Is this the place to ask those questions? ALSO, there are an awful lot of vehicle related questions here and I thought the directions (in small print) said NO vehicle related questions here? TIA :)
  2. Mobile Electronics
    If you are navigating using AA/GM (displayed on the main screen), can you easily switch back and forth to sirius/radio to switch stations, etc..., or is it an involved process requiring many button pushes, exiting apps, reloading apps, etc...?
  3. Website & Platform Help
    Hello There: I am new to your website and would like to post questions about my 2007 crv problems I am experiencing and get some good feedback. The dealers are clueless. Thxs, Velogirl
  4. Mobile Electronics
    I loaded a bunch of MP3 CDs in the stereo this weekend and they work just great. The one thing I don't understand though is how to navigate through the folders - the stereo seems to think all the songs are in the root folder (at least that's what the display seems to say) even though all the...