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navigation error

  1. 2012 CV-V Sat Nav update help

    Mobile Electronics
    With a 2 week road trip planned for later this year, I decided to buy the Sat Nav update for my 2012 CR-V, but I can't get the update to work. I'm hoping someone here can tell me if I'm doing something wrong, if I'm being an idiot, or if there's a problem. FYI, I have not installed an update...
  2. Disable CRV Alpine Satalite Navigation

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, the sat nav in my CRV has devloped that fault of not reading the DVD. £230 to put it right !! I can buy a decent Sat Nav for that money, but ... It is stuck on the screen that says "Error reading DVD" or if i take the disk out it says "No DVD Disk" or what ever. I can't get past these...