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  1. Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi all… I am moments away from deciding upon a 2018 CRV EX. I really like the molten lava color, but it only comes with ivory upholstery. With a busy family, and the fact that I practically live in my car, am I risking an upholstery nightmare with ivory? Additionally, how do you guys with...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Transmission rebuild on 2001 crv-ex has been back to shop three times because of lag time shifting from park to drive or park to reverse. This is especially more pronounced when car reaches normal operating temp. Mechanic tried to tell me that Honda transmissions are characteristic for lag time...
  3. Accessories
    So I've seen a few postings that the roof rack install is a "cinch" and only takes "20 minutes", definitely not the case for me. The paint on the roof screws is so thick I can't "thread" it off using a nut and now I actually have one of the rack bolts stuck on the roof. Yup, I'm a fool...
1-3 of 4 Results