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no start

  1. Doesn't Start When Engine is Hot

    Diesel CR-V
    Hi I have 2006 CR-V ctdi 2.2 The car starts fine when cold. When car is warm and I re-start engine the glow plug light doesn't come on and the car doesn't start. I need to wait for like 10 seconds and keep trying until it starts up again. Now it weird because the car starts up pefectly when...
  2. 97 EX AT No Start

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys (and gals) I've been lurking for months and now have a question I hope your collective knowledge can help my solve. I have a stock 1997 4WD EX w/AT 234,xxx miles and am experiencing an intermittent no start issue. 3 times in the last 4 months, I turn the key and nothing. No clicking...
  3. Anti-theft device stopping car from starting

    Problems & Issues
    I recently went on vacation and let my roommate use my car to go to work while I was gone. He drove it several days, then called me and said that the car wouldn't start and an alarm was going off when he tried to start it. I'm back now and noticed a red light blinking over the radio. I've...
  4. Help 2000 CRV wont spark !

    Problems & Issues
    HELP ! my 2000 CRV shut off while driving just sputtered and I pulled to the side of the road got it towed home put new plugs, wires and brand new distributor still won't spark but it cranks fine and now I can't move the shifter without putting the key in the manual lock on top of the stearing...
  5. 2004 CRV No Start

    Problems & Issues
    2004 CRV No Start *Any other imput?* CRV was stalling when I would come to a stop and put foot on gas and remove before I restarted the computer. Once I reset the computer It will not start at all now. So the computer was at least letting run. I have spark, starter turns but will not fire. I...
  6. 2011 CRV hard to start when cold

    Problems & Issues
    We bought our first Honda recently and all was good until some cold weather struck. My wife states that the engine turns but does not start for several attempts. Dealer says this is not normal. Strike one for Honda. One would expect this type of problems with American vehicles but a Honda with...
  7. Not your normal No Start

    Problems & Issues
    I know this is long but it is worth the read and the most interesting part is at the end. The detail at the end I believe will help us solve this. I have a 2002 Honda CRV with 153,000. It has been a wonderful vehicle until recently. Right now I am dealing with a no start issue. It started...