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not starting

  1. New Battery but car still won't start - 2008 CRV

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    My 2008 CRV will not start. All I hear is a click with I turn the key and nothing else. I already replaced the battery but that did not do it. All of the lights come on, the headlight work but it won't start. I am assuming it is the starter but is it possible it might be a fuse or something else...
  2. 2004 Honda CR-V not starting but turns over

    Problems & Issues
    I know there's a few thread about this issue, but I haven't find a solution yet. So here's what happened. Probably a month ago I ran low on gas and the light came on. Usually I fill up at about half a tank. I made to a gas station and filled up. We drove to a store and when we exited about 45...
  3. CRV 2003 4wd; Starting problem

    Problems & Issues
    CRV has almost 2K miles; I am original owner. The car has been very reliable and well taken care of. 3 months ago had problems with starter turning over (and over and over) until only clicking and draining battery. Starter was rebuilt, alternator changed out and battery tested fine. The starting...
  4. 2000 CRV not starting after minor collision.

    Problems & Issues
    I've got a 2000 CRV (I can't remember the model exactly and am not near it at the moment, but it's 2WD) that suffered a minor collision today. The right front corner of the bumper is a little scraped and the headlight cover is shattered, but the light is still functional. I successfully drove it...
  5. Trying to fix the CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Alright here's the deal, My sister had a 1998 CRV for the past 5 years and finally the transmission blew up. Instead of fixing it, she bought a 2004 Honda Element. So now I have the CRV. My Dad and I are going to rebuild the transmission next month. Today I cleaned out the Garage and moved it...
  6. 2005 CR-V Not Starting When Too Cold Outside

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, I've been doing some research the last few days and can't figure out what the problem is with my CR-V. Here is the situation which is really interesting but frustrating: I live in Michigan and the last 2 days were really cold in the morning (< 5°F). When I tried to start my 2005...