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  1. 2014 Back-up camera / no multiple views

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Hi Everyone, This question comes from Europe and sorry if it's been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer when searching threads! I last year I bought a low mileage 2014 CR-V EX-L Touring i.e. fully spec'd with navigation, heated everything, auto-dimming everything. As I'm reading up...
  2. Lane Watch Camera Not Working in Honda CR-V 2018

    Problems & Issues
    Few days back the lane watch camera of my brand new Honda CR-V 2018 stopped working. I have had this car for just two months now. Well digital world, anything electronic cannot be trusted. The issue was whenever I turned on the right indicator or pushed the button to trigger lane watch camera...
  3. 06 ac temp up and down

    Problems & Issues
    I just recently bought my 06 Lx I believe. 114k on it. I got it in February so I didn’t didn't really have a chance to test the ac. Now that the weather is hot I discovered the issue. As I’m driving the ac usually works. As I coast, drive at lower rpms, and sit idle the ac does blow any cold...
  4. 2012 headlight "not working" is it a bulb issue or something else.

    Maintenance and Service
    my driver side headlight is "not working". Although if I put it on high beam mode it works and in regular when the car turns on it works with like normal. but when I switch to headlight it doesn't work.. is this a bulb issue or something else? Thanks inadvance for help. Just don't want the...
  5. 2007 (mk3) Air conditioning not working when hot "FIX!"

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi all, After searching many forums etc. I was made aware that if the air conditioning stops working, it may be fixed by removing shims from the air conditioning compressor clutch. So I looked to see how easy it was to get to the end of the compressor. It was not easy, then I realised that...
  6. 97 CRV aftermarket HU installation issues

    Mobile Electronics
    My girlfriend has a 97 crv and the pioneer hu isnt wanting to work after i have the wires connected to the wiring harness adapter. I've installed multiple aftermarket hu's on my other cars and cars of friends with no issues. I tested the radio (brand new) by twisting the red and yellow wires...
  7. 97 not blowing ac or heat as expected

    Problems & Issues
    So got 97 crv and heat get warm and a/c gets cool but air movement cant even push pin wheel. This is difficult because it can defrost window but as soon start driving it frost right back up. All the controls seem to function. Example being switch to circulate door opens by fan switches to...
  8. Speakers not working after radio anti theft code entry

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey!!! If someone could help me out I would totally appreciate it - we were just cleaning up my battery as it had some corrosion on it and my dad disconnected it - this in turn meant my radio's anti theft went off and i needed to enter the code to be able to use the radio - after FINALLY finding...