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o2 sensor

  1. 2003 CRV sensor indicator

    Problems & Issues
    The check engine light came on in my 2003 CR-V a month ago. The car was driven minimally for three days (maybe 20 miles total) and the indicator light stayed on the whole time. On the forth day I had the code read, and was told it was P0134 (O2 sensor). The light turned off after reading the...
  2. P1166, P1167 Error Check Engine Light

    2002-2004 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    Hey guys, I have the P1166, P1167 engine light problem on my 2002 CRV. I replaced it with genuine DENSO 234-9005 sensor and I still get the same error. If I clear the error with my OBD reader, all I have to do is turn the engine on and it comes up after about 10 seconds. Is it supposed to...
  3. part number for P0141

    Maintenance and Service
    I have 2008 CRV and engine light was on. Error code was P0141: HO2S B1 S2 Heater Circuit Malfuction. I googled the right one for my CRV, but I am not sure which one it is. In this forum, I remember that someone recommended Denso product instead of Bosch. Honda Accord seems like use Denso...
  4. Newby

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello from Florida! Excited to join you all and learn as much about catalytic converters as possible, as well as the o2 sensor. I have a 98 and apparently its that time. What I have read thus far has been incredibly helpful. Suggestions for where to purchase the parts would be appreciated. thx!
  5. Penny Pinching on Service?

    Maintenance and Service
    2003 CRV with 127,000+ miles. I intend to keep this car as long as I can as I did with its predecessor, my Civic Wagon. Are we at the point where I should consider putting in less expensive replacement parts? Dealership service dept wants $424 for rear brake pads & rotors, $318 for the...
  6. 01 backfire, but no check engine

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have an 01 honda crv and it makes a "popping" sound when the engine is warm enough. It has no power when driving on the freeway or sidestreet. It makes the popping sound worst when I hit on gas. The only way I can go 65mph on the freeway is to go O/D. Changed the Catalytic last month...
  7. CEL and P4020 Problems Common on CRVs?

    Problems & Issues
    First time owner of a CRV, purchased a 2010 EX from Carmax 2 weeks ago. Really enjoying the car so far - bought it as a family friendly replacement for my beloved 2002 Forester. Took the CRV for it's first road trip this weekend, and the Check engine light has come on. I scanned the code at...
  8. Cat Converter... Or is it?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all, I have a 2001 LX 4wd w/ 175k on it. Over the last year or so, I've had the engine light coming on and off intermittently. It was showing the P0420 code. It ran fine until about a month ago when it started sputtering under load (I.e. accelerating, A/C, etc.). My assumption was that...
  9. O2 Sensor repaired, lower gas mileage result

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    A while back I had my O2 sensor replaced. Before it went out, I could get approximately 285-315 miles per tank of gas on my 2004 CR-V EX. Since the repair, I am lucky to get 260 miles on a tank before my low fuel light says hello. Does anyone know what could cause this or what I can do to...
  10. O2 sensor code 1166 and 0134

    Problems & Issues
    Problem: 03 Ex gas mileage dropped 30-40% or more.. Check engine light on Trowing trouble codes 1166 & 0134 Fix: I replaced upstream O2 sensor (aka air fuel ratio sensor) with a Denso 234-9005. I found it on amazon for $150 plus shipping. To my relief the gas mileage has been restored to...