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  1. Cardone Ultra Calipers + other brake part observations

    Maintenance and Service
    Just wanted to pass along experience I've had with remanufactured brake calipers to anyone that might be needing to replace theirs, and some other observations on brake parts. When I bought my (very used) 2nd gen CR-V two years ago, the brakes were in a very sorry state of affairs. Both rears...
  2. New observations on a 2009 4WD transmission drain & refill

    Maintenance and Service
    At 50K I did it the traditional way, drain out 2.6 -2.7 qts. and refill x 4. Apparently this results in about 90% new fluid. I just finished doing it again at 100K with a variation. To more easily access the drain plug I drove the left front wheel up onto a 7" Rhino Ramp which resulted in 4...
  3. 2015 Touring with Nav-Some observations

    Mobile Electronics
    Comments by an old fart with a new car. As a new member of the CRV owners’ website, I’ve been paying special attention to comments regarding the navigation system in the CRV. One would think for as much money as these people charge for the navigation system, it would be bulletproof and...
  4. 2014 EXL AWD gas mileage observations

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    Let me start by saying my gas usage is low in general because I do not drive my CRV everyday. I bought my CRV in Dec 2013 and have just filled the tank for the second time. What I find is the throttle is extremely sensitive and the ECON button can really squeeze every drop of gas under the...