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  1. Help please - 2009 CRV will not start - no link with ODBII scan tool

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I hope someone can help me. I hope I didn't break anything too bad, but I was trying to trouble shoot a no AC Clutch engaging issue, so I disconnected the pressure switch from the High side and put a jumper wire in the connector to see if the switch was bad. The started the car, put the...
  2. ODBII Port Loose?

    Problems & Issues
    Did a quick search and was not able to find anything on this. I just got a 2015 CRV and I noticed the ODBII port is a bit loose. It's not hanging loose and I can't push it in, but it wiggles. Is this normal? I tried to Google it, but can't find a definitive answer, so I figure I ask other...
  3. Can i Retrieve Codes Without ODBII Reader?

    Problems & Issues
    So i did a couple of searches on here using the keywords Code, Code Reader, and Retrieve Code. Most all seemed to pertain to the radio, while the rest were referenced via someone using a Scan Tool. My question is is there a key cycle, button, etc. combination that will do the same thing for an...