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  1. Strong gasoline odor - 2018 CRV with 4000 miles

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    My almost new CRV EX has a strong gasoline odor, especially if I shut it off and then return to the car within a half hour. My garage also reeks. I've found other mentions of this on the web, seems to be a serious ongoing issue. I'm a bit angry that Honda continues to manufacture and sell...
  2. 2006 Exhaust Fumes when stopped

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I've done the search. I smell exhaust fumes in the cabin when stopped and idling. I don't smell it when moving. I can't find a leak in the exhaust system. I even did a smoke test. Are there any common issues know to the CR-V? Thanks, Stan
  3. CRV Oil and Fuel odor

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I have a 2017 CRV. I took it to Braman Honda, Lake Worth, FL because the engine would seem to have excessive rpms when I was traveling around 70 - the outside temperature was approx 92 degrees. I started reading on the CRV forum and read about the fuel in the oil. My husband checked our...
  4. Mechanical/Rubber Burning odor, Transmission (?)

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    Hello, Concering 2011 CR-V AWD, 74K miles. As far as I know transmission/transaxle fluid never changed. Vehicle runs very well otherwise. Yesterday we drove the CR-V up two fairly steep roads, app. 2-3 miles long, partially paved/gravel, not off roading at all. No tire spin as far as...
  5. 2015 CRV Has Coolant Odor in Cabin

    Problems & Issues
    Off and on I've notices a slight odor of coolant when I get in my car. I don't feel any moisture on the carpet on the passenger side. I just checked the coolant recovery reservoir and the level is at the ADD line. I took the radiator cap off and it is full to the top. If anyone has any...
  6. 2015 CR-V AWD EX- Gasoline Odor Coming Through Vents

    Problems & Issues
    Have a 2015 CR-V EX AWD. I have been experiencing a gasoline odor coming through the vents when HVAC is running. Happens intermittently. Service department couldn't replicate or find any leaks. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Please help. Thanks.
  7. 2015 fuel odor @ idle.

    Problems & Issues
    I was wondering if it's acceptable for a new vehicle (<4000kms) to have a fuel odor in the cabin @ anytime while idling? I've noticed a couple times that after leaving the CRV idle for a while there's a fuel odor in the cabin and also under the hood. I took it to my dealership to have the issue...
  8. '97 LX strong gas odor (and brake cable location question)

    Problems & Issues
    greetings all, good to be here. i've searched the forum for this issue - have not found a specific thread. my '97 LX has 180k and is a wonderful workhorse. a year ago, the smell of gas became strong outside & inside the car. my mechanic suggested replacing the gas tank neck, and he did...
  9. 2010 CR-V - hot oil odor from vents when stationary

    Problems & Issues
    When you are sitting idling in my wife's 2010 CR-V there is an odor of hot motor oil that comes in throught the HVAC vents. I also notice the same odor under the hood. If the AC is on you cannot smell it and of couse you can not smell it when the system is in RICR. The fresh air intake vent...
  10. 2 Problems: Funny Noise from Rear Brakes and Odor 2009 EX AWD

    Problems & Issues
    I own a 2009 CR-V EX AWD with only 9500Km(5900miles) and I've noticed recently that my rear brakes make a grinding/scraping noise when I first start driving. It's the same noise that you hear some times when you wash your car and the rotors have gotten wet and you start driving a few hours...
  11. mouse odor from cabin filter compartment

    A mouse made a nest in the cabin filter, the odor is horrendous. I have removed the filters, vacuumed the area, sprayed Febreze to neutralize the odor. Left the compartment open for 36 hours. Then inserted new filters, vacuumed and sprayed the carpeting with Febreze, but the mouse urine smell...
  12. odor going up steep hills

    Problems & Issues
    I tow a 2006 Honda CRV Automatic behind my RV and on this trip thru California I'm experiencing an odor, like from overheating, when I drive the CRV up steep mountain grades solo. Any suggestions as to what's going on. i'm thinking that my transmission is overheating. Will a good transmission...