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  1. shock absorbers: OEM or after market ok ?

    Problems & Issues
    Is it safe to use cheaper shock absorbers on my 2004 CRV ??? My right front new tire is cupping, as did my previous old tire ; Yokahama Avids
  2. (OEM Manuals) Discovered some Factory Literature Treaures!

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Behold! Some recent OEM/Factory Literature treasure booty for the 2nd Generation V. From the past few weeks of searching and scouring the interwebs ;D -OEM 2003 CR-V Owners Manual: My 03 didn't have one when I bought it and it's been driving me crazy. Couldn't bring myself to printing one out...
  3. Honda CR-V 3rd gen, 2012, iDTEC, A/T - installed a HIZPO Nav, no wiring for OEM SUB

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey All I have a 3rd GEN CR-V, 2012 with Automatic transmission that came with the 6 cd-changer and USB in the glove box. I needed a bluetooth connection for phone, so i bought a HIZPO nav from aliexpress. Installation is pretty smooth, one thing though - it didn't came with a plug for the OEM...
  4. FS- (NJ) 2017 CRV EX OEM 18” Wheels

    Trading Post
    Looking to sell my 2017 CRV EX OEM 18” wheels Used for under 8000 miles. Upgraded to a different set Looking for $400 Will ship at buyers expense but pickup preferred! Comes with centercaps, no tires or lugnuts. Good for a winter setup or upgrading an LX etc 18” x 7.5” 5x114.3 Located in...
  5. Retrofitting later gen OEM Honda stereo w/Nav to gen 2 (2003) CRV

    Mobile Electronics
    Have anyone tried to retrofit later generation OEM Honda stereo with navigation/back up camera to gen-2 CRV? I know that many folks installed aftermarket systems with Nav/back up camera, but I'm contemplating to do this with later gen OEM Honda equipment. Have anyone done this? Thanks
  6. Keep oem backup camera w/aftermarket radio 2012 w/nav

    Mobile Electronics
    Yes! Success. I really think this should be a sticky... he hem (mods) JK. So I got it figured out with everything hooked up and working. Here are the parts needed to get your CRV 2012 oem backup camera working with any Head unit that has RCA input for camera. *I have no kickback from any...
  7. retrofit OEM navigation to 2 Gen CRV

    Greetings & Introductions
    I wonder if anyone tried to retrofit NAV/back up camera from later generations to gen-2 CRV?
  8. 2005 Front Suspension. OEM or afeter market

    Maintenance and Service
    HI, Sample question. I have to work on both suspensions and the clutch (manual transmission) The question is: Original Honda part or after market parts? I would like to hear opinions, suggestions and other things. 2005 Honda CRV (MT) Thanks for replies,
  9. NAV OEM Backup Camera with aftermarket Head Unit

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi Folks, I've been searching this forum for 4 days and have found every which way to get the OEM Backup camera to work with an aftermarket stereo on almost all models of CRV's EXCEPT for 2012 with Navigation. I've even found the wiring diagrams for this model yet those diagrams do not show...
  10. OEM Honda parts online

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I've heard you can buy OEM Honda parts online for less than what the dealer's charge. When I search the internet there are so many options and I'm not sure which ones are legit. Can anyone recommend a good website for OEM parts? Thanks
  11. Will the rhino xtray fit a gen 2 with oem rails?

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing 58" length 43" width Also, if the basket weighs 46lbs and the oem rails can only support 75lbs, does that mean i can only carry 29lbs on the basket? Thanks in advance!
  12. 2001 OEM Stereo/CD Player With Code

    Trading Post
    I purchased a 2001 OEM stereo/CD player thinking if it was first gen it would work in my '98 LX but the wiring harness and connection is different and it will take a lot of work to make it work if possible so I'm selling the 2001 with the activation code and will continue looking for a stock '98...
  13. Replacing 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 OEM TPMS sensor---what does it weigh?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hey Folks I have a dead TPMS sensor on a 2007. I purchased an Autel MX-Sensor and am going to put it in shortly. The Autel manual states the sensor weighs 18.5g with the valve stem. I'd like to do this without having to rebalance the wheel, so I need to know what the OEM sensor weighs. That...
  14. 2013 Head Unit Swap (OEM)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, Does anyone know if the stock 2013 HU can be swapped for better oem model? I have the one attached here. Is there a different model? I've seen a touchscreen in the 2015 and newer models but I don't think it plugs in to the 2012-2014 models.
  15. FS All Weather Floor Mats Gen3 CR-V 2007 - 2011 (OEM)

    Trading Post
    We recently sold our 2010 CR-V, so no longer have a need for these. They are original Honda branded mats and cover extremely well. When we removed them to get the vehicle ready for sale, the carpet below looked brand new! Asking $60 OBO
  16. OEM Sat Nav 2004 Help Wiring

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Guys, It happens that I put my hands on Honda OEM Sat-Nav ,,,, I took it from a friend's car that has not been tested but I know the security code. Because my Honda Civic 5D Hatchback RHD [Right Hand Drive] didn't have that SatNav before so I'm missing the complete top-right corner pin...
  17. Hardware for 2014 OEM roof crossbars

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    I have misplaced my hardware for attaching my crossbars to the roof rails. Can anyone help me with the specs so I can head to the hardware store and replace? Thanks for any help. (I have to be out of my apt in 1 week and need a roof rack to move my kayak...yipes).
  18. 2015 CRV EX Display/Head Unit Swap for OEM Nav

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I'm working on a 2015 CRV EX-L without Nav. I purchased a Nav head unit from a wrecked Touring hoping to get the Navigation working. I needed a code and the unit worked but the display would only show that the GPS had lost power and needed to locate the satellite signal ... this message did...
  19. Retrofit OEM Navigation

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello I'd like to upgrade my daughter's 2008 EX-L head unit to that of a compatible oem navigation head unit. She currently has the mid level head unit with the 6cd changer (minus the XM button). To my knowledge, nav units from the 07 to 09 models are comapible? 1. I'm looking at sourcing...
  20. 2007 CRV EX, OEM brake pads

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello Does anyone know who's brake pads Honda recommends! They've started squeaking, I can replace them! Eicher, Pagid or Brembo? Thank you!