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  1. 2010 CR-V improvements for off-roading

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Greetings fellows V owners! This page is great! I'm having a lot of info form your experience shared on the posts. The CR-V is very good for me here, since it gives me flexibility for use in highways and light to medium off-road too; always with good comfort and gas consumption, reliability...
  2. New to the forum & wanting to take the V off-road

    Off The Beaten Path
    Hi! I want to take my 05 CR-V out to the outbacks and do some trail-driving in summer. Just a few questions regarding that. 1. Atm I'm using all-season tires? Should I switch to off-road tires before I go on a trip? And if so what are the recommended tires? 2. Should I bring a tow rope...
  3. Here's a little off-roading in my 2007 4WD V

    Off The Beaten Path
    Playing around in my CR-V in a backlot to test the 4WD capabilities and my new Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventures with Kevlar. My "V" is currently stock minus the A/T tires/wheels. It's hard to film and portray just how steep these inclines are. First attempt (not included) was a...
  4. Time to get serious about Off-Roading in your CR-V: Moab Utah Backcountry

    Off The Beaten Path
    Green Machine's journey (link) through Canyonlands National Park Utah got me into thinking about a CR-V convoy adventure through the White Rim road loop. While he only did Potash Road and Shaffer Trail, I've been thoroughly investigating the difficulty and requirements for the White Rim trail...
  5. Advice / Info on Off-roading 99 CR-V 4WD with Auto Tranny

    Performance Modifications
    I have a 99 CR-V with Realtime AWD and 4 speed auto transmission. I have put on Firestone A/Ts 215R75 15 and Old Man Emu lift kit. No changes to engine or trans. I tried going up the Harquahala Trail in AZ. Made it to about mile 7 and encountered a more steep / loose medium sized rocky area...
  6. My 02 Offroading

    Off The Beaten Path
    Its been a long time since i have been on here. I sold my Honda bought an Acura back in March, but i i found a bunch of old offroading stuff on my computer that i thougth i would share with you guys. Here you go: And here is the like to a video on, there are a few other...
  7. Hard core off-roading

    Off The Beaten Path
    Hi all there! Hope the subject caught your attention. I bought a 1996 CR-V three months ago. Since then, I have been going to different beaches and there is always loose deep sand at one point or another on the road. I live in Mozambique and here there are plenty of opportunities to go out of...