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oil change

  1. 2019 1.5T Honda CrV needs oil change every 5k?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Hi, I was told by my local dealership that my honda crv 1.5T purchased in 2019 need to be serviced (oil change) every 5k due to this being a direct injection turbo engine. How true is this??
  2. Maintenance Minder History

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I'm in the process of buying a Certified Pre-Owned 2017 CR-V, and obviously care about whether the car was properly maintained. While some candidates helpfully have oil changes noted on the Carfax, I acknowledge that can be a problematic source. Does anyone know whether there's a way to access...
  3. B service for 2016 Honda CR-V

    Maintenance and Service
    I have about 28,000 miles on my 2016 Honda CR-V. I just got MM reminder for an oil with a code of B12. I understand that the B service is a more detailed where the brakes, etc. are checked. The last time I had received a reminder for a B service was at 14,000 miles. At that time I had skipped it...
  4. 2017 CRV 1.5L Crush Washer Size

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Good day all! Curious to know what CRUSH WASHER must be used for the oil drain bolt. Been getting mixed numbers from 3 different Honda Deals... Thank you.:cool:
  5. Hondacare maintenance and Fidelity warranty: Worth it?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello All, I bought a Honda CR-V EX-L w/navi in April 2017 from Pacific Honda, San Diego. I also bought the Hondacare Maintenance plan for $ 995.00 and the Fidelity warranty for 1895.00. I took my CR-V for service (after getting the maintenance minder A1) in December. I was not very happy with...
  6. Oil change crv 2011

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi. Just bought a 2011 CRV and need to do an oil change. I’ve spent some time reading the forum and just wanted to verify if these are ok?
  7. Service B16 for a 2016 Honda CR-V

    Maintenance and Service
    I am due for my second oil change on my 2016 Honda CR-V at 14,500 miles. The code that came up on the Maintenance Minder at 15% oil life is B16. I understand that 1 means tire rotation and 6 means replacing the rear differential fluid. The dealership told me that this will cost me a little over...
  8. Fluids

    Performance Modifications
    Hi Everyone! New member here. First time owner of a 2003 CRV EX AT. I am pretty new to cars in general so please excuse me if I sound like a newbie. I bought the CRV about a month ago with just under 53k miles on it. I wanted to know when I should change the brake fluid, steering fluid, oil...
  9. Switch to synthetic oil?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello all, I'm recently a proud new owner of a 2005 CR-V EX and would like to change the oil myself. This vehicle was a one time owner that took it to the same dealership for routine maintenance, oil changes, ect. I'm considering switching to synthetic, however I know talking about oil can be...
  10. Don't let oil fall below 60%?

    Maintenance and Service
    2013 CR-V Purchased two weeks ago; splurged on 3yr/36,000 maintenance package (maybe worth it/maybe not...wanted it anyway) I also have an '04 Civic for which I follow severe driving maintenance schedule and intend to do the same for my new CR-V. I've looked through the forums here to see if I...
  11. What mileage for first proper service?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, fellow CR-V owners and enthusiasts. This is my first Honda and I have owned a 2012 year, 2.0 litre petrol, 2WD, auto, CR-V for nearly seven months and have a query regarding the CR-V's first proper service. The maintenance schedule in my (Australian) Owner's Warranty and Service Manual says...
  12. Hello

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello, I'm a new member and have the following Q I have a 2012 Honda CRV and it specifies that you should use synthetic oil however it seems that the oil change interval as measured by the car's computer is about 5K miles. Back in the day I remember that when you used synthetic oil you would...
  13. Routine Maintenance

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I'm new to the Forum. Apologies if I am posting here in error but I figured I's start here. I'm in Scotland and just purchased a used Honda Cr-V 2.0 I-VTEC SE SPORT 5DR 2002. It has little in the way of service history and has about 73K on the clock. It drives nicely and so far I've had...
  14. oil change indicator

    Maintenance and Service
    What criteria does the oil life indicator take into account? Is it a dumb indicator in that it just calculates based on time and/or miles driven OR does it actual take into account driving patterns, weather/temperature, and more? I bought a new CRV late may, and I absolutely love it. I was...
  15. When should I change engline oil ?

    Maintenance and Service
    My CRV is already 6 months old and driven more than 5K miles. When should I change the oil ?