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  1. Engine light comes on/ codes

    Problems & Issues
    I have a question on a 2003 CRV that I bought around June. It had just a little over 100k miles. The car ran great with no issues when I first got it. After a few weeks the engine light came on. I started to leave work and it ran rough and didn't have the best power. I had it towed and repaired...
  2. 04 crv clunking sound when ac compressor is on/ continuing issues

    Problems & Issues
    My 04 Crv had a compressor failure in August 2010 with 77k miles. Honda was "gracious" enough to pick up some of the cost at the time. They authorized the replacement of the compressor with the old clutch and coil re-installed (which I did not know until recently). In July 2013, I observed a...
  3. SRS lite on/ dealer charge?

    Problems & Issues
    I received the notice of the srs lite recall a week or so ago stating a failure would be replaced no charge. Well the lite came on, I took it in and the page states: 54429 retrieved history code 7-2 (internal failure of srs unit) control unit dtc not found in current list. Only in history...