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  1. Upper Position Cargo Liner with Pocket Protection? (Bonus organizer under cargo floor

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Anyone know if a good upper position cargo liner that has full protection for the side pockets as well? I tried the Maxtray liner from Amazon, but the pockets on the liner are about 1.5" deep while on the CR-V they are 4-5" deep. Also, if anyone knows of an organizer that can sit above the...
  2. Center console organizer

    I have a 2013 CRV and I am looking for something to help organize the big center console, like a shelf with a place for coins and little items. Or a tray that slides in.
  3. Cargo Organizer

    I bought my CR-V recently and one of the first things I noticed was that I needed some sort of organizer in the cargo area so that my groceries don't shift around. The official Honda cargo organizer seems nice but it's expensive at $78 MSRP. Fortunately, I stumbled upon one during a visit to...
  4. 2013 CR-V Cargo organizer

    Does anyone have one of these? I keep going back and forth about getting one but I can't decide if its worth 60.00 to me. Opinions?
  5. 2012 CRV Center Console Organizer

    I just bought a 2012 CR-V EX-L this week. I love having all the space in the center console, but to me it seems like a lot of wasted space withought some sort of organization/shelving. does anyone know if there is anythiing on the market for doing this? I also wish it had a slot somewhere wher...
  6. Honda vs Rola vs ____ cargo organizer

    Hi. I've seen the Rola name tossed around a bit on this forum regarding the cargo organizer. How does it compare to the genuine Honda one? For that matter, are there any others that stack up well? I'm thinking in terms of: - price - durability - ease of use (easily pops up) - ergonomics...
  7. Cargo organizer?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a cargo organizer that will work in my 2008 with cargo tray. Most organizers I'm coming across are secured by velcro to the carpet, however I want something that won't slip around since I have the rubber cargo tray. I'd prefer something that won't take up the entire...
  8. '07 & '08 Rear cargo organizer?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Our FX had a nice fold down rear cargo organizer, is such an organizer available for the G3 CR-V?