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  1. 97 CRV overheat help

    Problems & Issues
    My wife recently purchased a 1997 CRV, 1 owner, # 5 off the boat from Japan. Over 200,000 miles but maintained by a Honda repair shop. While idling in the driveway with A/C on for approx. 10 mins, she came outside and the car had overheated and spewed coolant on the left side of engine and on...
  2. Anyone Have an overheat Issue Using a Reflective Sun Shade?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced their lane departure thingy behind the mirror overheating when using a reflective sun shade. My wife has a 2015 Odyssey and when she would use one she'd get a warning that her lane departure sensor was over heating. My assumption is the shade was...
  3. 2004 EX wants to overheat when sitting at red lights for more than a minute or two.

    Performance Modifications
    My new-to-me 2004 CR-V EX runs well except when I stop at red lights. I notice the water temperature gauge starting to creep up. Once I take off and drive for a minute or so, the water temp goes right back down to normal. What could the problem be?
  4. 1999 CRV Stalls at start until warmed up, temp gauge not working, does not overheat

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My 1999 1.5 gen CRV has been stalling. If I put it in drive when I first start it up it immediately stalls. If I try to drive after a couple of minutes, it will stall on braking. I have to wait about 5 minutes and let it warm up. After about two minutes the RPMs drop and I have to keep...
  5. 97 CRV overheats, but only after driving for at least 20 minutes

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I apologize if this has been answered here before... I've done a lot of research here about it but maybe I'm looking for the wrong things. 1997 CRV 255k miles What's happening today, and I'm trying to figure it out The car starts and runs without any major issues*, but after around 30-45...
  6. 1997 With A/C & Overheat Problem

    Problems & Issues
    We sold our 1997 CR-V to a guy and he drove it home yesterday (from Indiana to Illinois). We never had any heating or cooling problems with it and today he called and told me the following: 1. The A/C blows cold and then stops for a while and starts again. One person told him it was the...
  7. 1998 CRV - Overheating, not the Thermostat

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, this is my first time on the forum. Please be patient with my descriptions as I get used to the best way to post here. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and My 1998 Honda CR-V is overheating and I think I might have more then one problem going on? I could really use some help in diagnosing...