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  1. 2008 CR-V A/F sensor codes P2A00 and P0133

    Maintenance and Service
    Good morning. (this is my first post) My dealership found error codes for the A/F sensor - P2A00 and P0133. They have quoted me $483.17 CAD to replace these. Seems pricey to me. Thoughts? Recommendations? Thanks for your assistance.
  2. code P2A00 and P0133

    Problems & Issues
    I got a 07 crv exl with 110,000kms. It was really cold on Tuesday and my CEL light came on. I read the code and found it was P2A00 and P0133. A/F ratio sensor range/performance and O2 sensor circuit slow response. I cleared the codes thinking it might of been related to the cold weather. The...