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  1. Please help !! P0135 O2 Sensor

    Problems & Issues
    I was changing the oil pan gasket and I had to lower the exhaust and it dropped faster than I realized and it pulled on the O2 wire a bit. I didnt think nothing of it but when I got everything back together and started the car up the CEL came on with in 10 sec. I have no idea what to do now. Do...
  2. P0135 - p0135 - p2646

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I had the malfunction light on so I took my car to Autozone and I got these codes: p0134, p0135, p2646. Also, I took my car in for an oil change a week ago, and they said the oil level was really low. I actually had the engine light on because of it. But since then I've been checking...
  3. Question about P0135 error code and replacment part

    Problems & Issues
    So I got a CEL today I took it into AutoZone and got a P0135 reading. I wasn't getting any abnormal engine noises, engine was nice and cool, and my fuel economy was pretty good so we pulled the battery. After 5 seconds with the CEL off it turned back on; I went over this a few times but I...