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  1. 2015 crv code p0172

    Performance Modifications
    Does anyone can help me with this issue on my 2015 CRV: when accelerating from a stop into a right or left turn and let up on the accelerator, then try to accelerate after making the turn, i experience a total loss of power. if i let up on the accelerator, and then press on the accelerator again...
  2. New to me 2001 with P0172

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, New member here to the forum. Just recently purchased a 2001 2WD with 115K miles on it. Timing belt was done at 90K. I got it for $2100 since it has a P0172 running rich issue. I hooked my scanner up to it and viewed live data. Primary O2 sensor is fluctuating between .1 and .9V...
  3. 1998 Honda CRV - P0172 Bank 1 too rich

    Problems & Issues
    Good Morning Everyone, 1st time poster here. I have been trying to troubleshoot a P0172 code on my CRV. Series of events Ran out of gas January 2013, gas light may not be working it never came on and I have not waited for it to come on since. Shortly after this got my first Check engine light...
  4. P0172, Code keeps coming back!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, 1st post ever so I'll introduce myself quick quick! 33yo from Montréal, owned ash!t load of Hondas over the years and presently own an 99 ITR and a 01 CRV. I have a 2001 lx and when this code 1st poped up I changed both o2 sensors with oem. I thought it couldnt hurt since I had...