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  1. First CR-V: Codes p1399/p0304

    Problems & Issues
    Paid cash for a 2001 CR-V. Automatic transmission with around 179k miles. Very rough idle; Jerky at lights/stops and gives the impression of stalling. (though it never loses power) Intermittent crank/start delay. Codes were: p0304 "cylinder 4 misfire" & p1399 "random cylinder misfire detected"...
  2. Dreaded engine misfire codes: P1399, P0301, P0304, P0300

    Performance Modifications
    My 2000 CRV started running rough very suddenly a few days ago. After a few minutes, the CEL came on with the codes: P1399, P0301, P0304, P0300. Chose to drive it home for about 10 miles. Will start and run, and even allow me to clear the codes, but when I rev it and let it idle, the P1399...
  3. poor acceleration, Code P0304

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    this is a new issue with my 2001 CRV. When I accelerate, first off is sluggish and bogs down a bit, but the check engine light comes on, then after i can a little speed the car runs good and the engine light fades away, until the next stop light, autozone gave me a printout with code P0304, I...
  4. 2000 EX CR-V - Check Engine Light Code P0304 Persisting

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, I recently purchased a Honda CR-V (in April) with ~135k miles on it. I had the timing belt replaced and have had the oil changed twice in that time. On a recent long trip out of state the check engine light came on on the return passage. This had happened the previous week when the...
  5. CRV 03 Error codes P0341,P0302,P0301,P0300,P0304 Stalls on start.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Guys This is my first post here, hope you can help me with some advice and pointers on the best way to proceed Well my 03 CRV auto is not happy stalls on start that is it idles lumpy and stalls when I try to move forwards or reverse. Had the roadside recovery guy run a scan which threw up...
  6. P0304 code running rough

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1998 CRV I've replaced the plugs, looked good no oil or water just black build up. Replaced the cap & rotor + wire. Cleared the codes, started the it up in 45sec ecl comes back on rechecked code still a P0304 & running rough Should I check cylinder pressure? and adjust valves...
  7. Codes P1399, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304

    Problems & Issues
    Check engine light came on yesterday and i got these codes from it. P1399, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304. About two months ago i did spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor and fuel filter. There was no check engine light before i did those things, but it was having a little bit of a rough...
  8. P0301 - p0302 - p0303 - p0304 misfire

    Problems & Issues
    hi, got this code. Changed all sparks plug. Nada ! did not correct anything ! I can hear a noise, like vacuum when accelerating. Gas milage is poor at this time. o2 sensor ? fuel pump ? ERG valve ? Fuel filter ? Got no idea. prior to spend, ho so much $$$, i asking you guys if any1 can give...