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  1. P1519 and P0845 error codes

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have a 2002 Honda CR-V with 254k miles. I love this vehicle and bought it new. I noticed that it was idling rough and took it by the local auto parts place and they got P1519 and P0845 codes. I've been looking for information about whether or not I can replace the Idle Air Control...
  2. 2002 CRV - P0700, P0171, P0420, and P0845 Codes

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am hoping to find good, knowledgeable advise on some codes. My 2002 Honda CRV EX is throwing the following codes: P0700 = Transmission Control P0171 = O2 Sensor Bank 1 P0420 = Catalytic Converter or O2 Sensor Bank 2 P0845 = 3rd Clutch Transmission Fluid...
  3. P0845. Which part?????

    Problems & Issues
    The P0845 code popped up on my 2002 CR-V. Its a Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch B Circuit code. I'm trying to figure out which sensor this is. In my research i've seen results that show that I need either 28610-RAY-003 SWITCH ASSY., AT OIL PRESSURE (TEXAS INSTRUMENTS) or...
  4. P1166 and P0845 on 2003 CRV EX

    Problems & Issues
    Hello friends. My 2003 CRV got check engine light 3-4 months back. I checked it with my regular (small) auto repair shop. he gave me error code P1166 and P0845 and mentioned that 1166 is for O2 sensor nad i can run my car for sometime before geting it fixed. I am planning to get it fixed now as...
  5. 2003 P0845 - Pressure Switch Part Number?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All, Started having some trouble with my girlfriend's CRV and just discovered this site - looks like a great support community! We have a 2003 4WD EX AT. It is coding P0845. In searching the archives, it sounds like replacing the 3rd gear transmission pressure switch (with a "Denso"...
  6. P1298, P1166, P0134 and P0845 on 2003 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My 2003 CRV had check engine light on with P1298, P1166, P0134 and P0845 codes. I bought Denso O2 sensor and changed the a/f sensor from Pepboys. I think the mechanic erased the codes because now my check engine light is off. I was expecting the O2 sensor to fix only P1166, P0134 codes. How...
  7. 2003 Honda CR-V with OBD code P0845 and P0420

    Problems & Issues
    In Dec my 03 CRV got P0845 and P0420 code for the first time. Its the first time I seen an engine light on. I had 153K miles in it. Took it to the dealership and they fix the P0845 and cost $170. They clear the P0420 and it last week it came back. The dealership clear it again and after...
  8. Flashing "D"

    Problems & Issues
    Yesterday my 2002 Honda CR-V started giving me a flashing”D”, , indicating a transmission problem. The engine is not showing any signs of rough shifting, just a blinking “D” I pulled the code today and found “P0845 – Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch B Circuit.” I'm relatively handy...
  9. REROBI 2002 CRV w/ codes P1298 P1167 P0845

    Problems & Issues
    I've seen other postings where folks have changed their own O2 Sensors and I've saw one recommendation to use Denso Sensors. Any advice on these three codes and how a do-it-yourselfer should proceed with parts etc?