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  1. The Saga continues now have codes P0505, P1077 and P1505

    Problems & Issues
    This all started with just the P1078 code.The IMRC. (malfunction high RPM) With just an engine light on and 2002 CRV ran perfectly. Now the idle surges back and forth between 500 to 1300 RPM's I removed the manifold and pulled the runner valves and inspected. It all looked good except...
  2. Code P1077 and Flashing D Light!!!!!

    2002-2004 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    I just bought a 2002 Honda CRV. The engine runs well and the transmission as no issue, except it jumps from 3rd to 4th gear (Automatic) quicker than usual, but not all the times, let say once every 3 days. Anyway, we replace the IMRC valves and the third clutch sensor, clear the code on the...
  3. P1077 code

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi everyone, First time posting here and looking for advice. I have been getting a CEL when driving in town traffic and each time I can turn it off by disconnecting the ground on the battery. When I'm driving on the open road it stays off until I hit city traffic. My CRV is the last of the...
  4. P1077- IMRC valve assembly replacement help required

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All, I am looking for instructions to replace the IMRC valve assembly for me 2003 CRV. I did the trouble shoot to see if the IMRC actuator holds vacuum, and it does not. Also, I was wondering if anyone has every try to remove the cap on top of the IMRC Actuator before? Thanks.
  5. '05 CRV - P1077 code for check engine light ?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, My wife got a check engine light this morning and I scanned the code with a OBD2 scanner and it says P1077. The car was gased up 2 days ago and I checked gas cap and tightened it up. It says "P1077 Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) System Malfunction (Low rpm)" Any ideas on...
  6. MIL with DTC P1077

    Maintenance and Service
    MIL plus DTC P1077 = replace the IMT (IMRC) solenoid valve. Fairly simple job: one electrical connection and two vaccum lines and one bolt. The IMT (IMRC) solenoid valve had to be ordered and was fairly expensive $151. The TSB is no longer available online but the CRVs affected are all 2004 and...
  7. P1166 and Pending P1077 Codes

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi Guys, You have a great forum here, and I've been impressed with the level of quality and participation in it! I hope you can help with my problem please: I got a CEL on my 'V and ran a scanner which indicated DTC P1166. The expanded information indicated: Air/Fuel Ratio (A/F) Sensor...
  8. p1077

    Problems & Issues
    ok I have 2005 ex model with about 90,000kms on it. Bought in SK, Canada. Tripped this code couple times, found TSB addressing this but my unit is way far off the affected vehicles listed. Any thoughts? Were the north amercian models made in Japan or England or USA or Canada or whereever?